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  1. Unfortunately, the adjust flipped text isn't orienting properly. Take a look at this file...and I'm trying to avoid having to turn everything in the design layer//Is there a way to change the world origin in the design layer? Hopefully this file will make more sense. Thanks! EXAMPLE_HPK.vwx
  2. While I have used that tip in the past, that is not really the issue here. I believe the Viewport is not adjusting which orientation I want it to be right-reading in, because my whole Viewport is turned 90. If you see the attached, the first image shows my design layer with everything oriented properly. And in the second image, you can see I rotated the Viewport 90 to make it fit, but all of the numbers are still referencing what is right-reading on the design layer... Any other thoughts?
  3. I am trying to create a light plot that fits on a D-Sheet, but to make it fit, I have to rotate my viewport 90 degrees. In doing that, all of my channel numbers that are specified as right-reading show up 90 degrees off. I have tried every combination of "Adjust Flipped Text" to try and make it work. Do I need to change the world origin? Other work arounds?
  4. To follow up, the option to 'Edit Position Geometry' is also greyed out in the Object Info Palette?
  5. I am trying to edit a truss that has been converted to a hanging position. When I double click the truss, it puts me in the 'Profile' but doesn't highlight the truss or anything else, it's just a greyed out thing that I can't select. I've attempted this with all classes and layers visible and still can't figure out what could be going on. Any thoughts?
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