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  1. Hi James, I am a one person residential design firm that has had my work load explode recently. I am looking for a freelance draftsperson proficient in Vectorworks and knowledgeable about how to put a comprehensive construction set together. Optimally, I would like to send this person my vectorworks model and have them generate the full set of documents ie: foundation plan, foundation details, floor framing plans, roof plan, roof framing plans, building sections, interior elevations, door & window schedules, exterior detailing and wall sections, and electrical/wiring plans. I would provide the floor plans, site plan and exterior elevations as these would be part of my design development package. I am based in North Carolina, but working remotely is not a problem. Please let me know what your fee would be to put together a set of plans such as this and a rough time frame to complete such a package of drawings. Please email me at retrofit@retro-fit-design.com. Thanks, Jason Weil
  2. That should read a segment top window.
  3. Does anyone know how to make a triple (custom) P.I.O. window without a transom. It seems that whenever I put in the rise distance it adds a mullion and makes the segmented part a transom. I can make a twin look properly by making a french casement window, but there doesn't seem to be a way to eliminate the transom and mullion and still keep the window as a P.I.O. Any help would be welcome. Thanks.
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