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  1. If you are working with multiple design layers and your "layer options" includes viewing other layers,  and ANY ONE of those layers has been switched to a 3d view (like top vs. top plan-as mentioned above), you will get the green tint.  You can switch your "layer options" to "active only" and go through each layer to find the one that is contributing the green tint and change its view, or alternatively,  change its visibility in the Navigation Palette. I thought I would mention this because if your active layer is in top/plan, and you're still seeing the green tint, this can be confusing. 

  2. Wondering if anyone found a solution for this problem. I have noticed that If I change the render mode for my viewport to say..."hidden dashed line" then update,  I do not have this problem. However when I use "open GL" I lose part of the drawing - and not a predictable part. For example; a side view viewport of a 3d rectangular cube may give me three of the four lines that should comprise the rectangle appropriate to the view. It doesn't seem to follow a logic as to which objects (or which parts of which objects)  it shows and which it does not. Any related info is always appreciated. 

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