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  1. We were asked to export floor plans for the lighting department so they can import with. At the moment we have about 30 odd sets, obviously the more streamline we can work the better. So it sounds like a 3ds file works well. Thank you so much !
  2. Hi there I work as a set designer for Film and TV, I was asked at work recently to export some of the stage / set plans to a Grand MA2. Although png has worked well but I was wondering if there is a better way to export them. All is needed is the outline of the set and no lighting fixture is required as I don't work on lighting design. Many thanks regards
  3. There are probably alternative or better method to do this, right off top of my mind is to extrude the surface, and subtract from it then extract the surface. Screen Recording 2021-03-15 at 10.43.03.mov
  4. All USB-C / TB3 cable shares the same connector. The only visual difference between them are the symbol and the number 3 (for thunderbolt) Having said that, there is nothing stopping the cheap knock off putting the labels on pretending to be a TB3 / 4 cable .... I have been looking for a longer TB3 cable for my eGPU and a cheap-ish one I got has caused a lot of flicker and sadly I am falling back to the tiny short one blackmagic supplied.
  5. Its more like when I am editing inside a single hybrid symbol. It works when you are editing a normal symbol but doesnt when it is a hybrid symbol.
  6. is it possible to get the script to work within hybrid symbol as well? Many thanks, much appreciated
  7. Hi Tim Many thanks, just as I thought ...
  8. I was wondering if it is possible to set a default version of file to save? the issue is we have few people working in 2019 and some in 2020 and it would be handy if we could all save files in a version that we can all open and save. Without the need of say 2020 version to export. this issue arise as we are all freelancers with our own software license.
  9. Honestly I have no idea that CorelDraw still exist..... Just had a look on their website they do offer mac version as well as free trial Depends on what is it you want to do, there are also alternative such as Affinity Designer (or Adobe) https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/designer/ So far I have no problem with VW on mac, (currently running a mac mini 6-core 64GB ram and blackmagic eGPU) and I work mostly in 3D Hope this helps.
  10. I kinda wish it would automatic spell check as we type
  11. I have been working with FBX mostly, but cinema4d does work well too.
  12. Twinmotion works in macos, doesn't have plugin but it works as export from Vectorworks
  13. @Dave Donley Thanks, that would be great. I think some form of project share ability with another Vectorworks Cloud Service account or the ability to allow someone to upload files to a sharing folder would be very useful.
  14. I was wondering could anyone tells me how do I remove folders in Shared with me in the cloud service ? I have this Vectorworks Samples folder which has been there since I sign up, its nice and well to see what the cloud service could do etc, but I would like to declutter and clear out anything I no longer needed.
  15. I was wondering if it is possible at the moment to get vectorworks cloud to sync with multiple user ? (Similar to what dropbox client does) I have been researching a lot about it, its either can not be done or I couldn't find where it saids how to. Primarily what we need is be able to share & update a couple of key library files where most user will simply reference from. So ideally the file should be able to sync across multiple user's local folder. Currently all the files from the project is stored on Google Drive, we could probably install backup and sync, then sync the whole folder. I think this is what we try to avoid but if there is no other option we might have to, and sadly we don't have any NAS either.. Many thanks
  16. Not exactly a 3D symbol, but you can easily find 3D model in such as Sketchup Warehouse, and convert it to a 3D symbol afterward. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=snooker table Alternatively they are not too difficult to model yourself. Hope this helps.
  17. Alternative you could also use the wall recesses tool, that way your section would shows up accurate as well. https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2016/eng/VW2016_Guide/Walls/Creating_Wall_Recesses.htm
  18. @Jim Smith Yes it does work. Haven't test it much but from what I have tried it works perfectly. If you follow the instruction, and just place the 2 vsm file in the plug-ins folder it should comes up in workspace editor.
  19. I had similar issue too, often it takes so long to create a viewport. Since I was in the middle of a project at the time I roll back to SP2 and it was working so much better.
  20. @Danielle227 Glad you got it working.
  21. Thanks a lot, will give it a go. hopefully it will works on 2020 as well.
  22. Every now and then I copy a bunch of things from other 2d drawings, some in group, and some in symbols etc. When I am turning these draw into a 3D model, often when I decompose them a lot of them will became screen plane, I was wondering is there a quick way to turn everything into layer plane ? plugins or Marionette ? Many thanks
  23. Since I haven't done one like this before, thought I would give it a go. I drew it with a 3D polygon, (layer plane set to automatic), place the moulding on the path. (I personally like to keep Fix Profile check, as it would keep the extrude in the position I wanted it), Are you getting strange result, or it is giving you an error message and didnt extrude anything ?
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