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  1. Hi bgoff, I got the property line to work/appear on the surface by updating the site model when in Top Plan view. Robert
  2. I created a property line on the same layer as the site model, intending to project it on the surface of the site model. To do this, I set the property line as a texture bed and created a class with a selected texture and solid fill. Then I tried updating the site model but nothing happens. Thought maybe someone may be able to help (I'm a novice level Vectorworks user). Thanks. Robert
  3. Aha! I works once I set the font and size---thank you, Tamsin!!! Robert
  4. Thank you, Tamsin. I had set preferences as indicated in the attachment but there was/is no label adjacent to the stake(s) when I click to add a stake to the image. 😕 Baffled. Robert D.
  5. Hi, I have been unable to find a way to search the discussion boards, hence this New Topic... On a design layer, I have traced a bitmap image such that I am able to snap to the "lines" (representing contours) created on the image. When I use the stake tool, there is no label so I am unable to see the elevation that I entered for each stake. On a tutorial that I watched, there is a dashed outline, representing the stake tool label, that appears when the tool hovers over the page. I am sure this is a newbie mistake that I am making but I am unable to find how to turn the stake tool label on for my file---I thought it was a default option? Thank you. Robert D.
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