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  1. @Wes Gardner With these software's moving towards these "real time" rendering engines, what does that mean for us laptop users? My entire team at our company uses laptops for Vectorworks because of how often we need to be on job sites. We're slowing trying to incorporate more rendering into our design process but if this is the direction the software is moving, I'm not sure we'll have the capabilities to do that. What would you recommend for laptop users who are looking to work with renderings but are having these issues?
  2. Sort of. I had our IT department adjust more of the graphics settings on the computer itself. (I really don't know what exactly) I also usually use another monitor while drafting so they had to adjust those settings as well. I still have lagging issues if the file size gets too large but it's at least at a point where I can use it. From my discussions with IT, they mentioned that the 2020 version is using more graphics settings then they have in the past and that my laptop (or really any laptop) normally doesn't have a powerful enough graphic card to run it seamlessly.
  3. Hi Everyone, My company recently updated from 2019 to 2020. I operate Vectorworks on an HP Spectre laptop. I didn't seem to have any issues until a dialog box popped up and said my graphics card is out of date. I adjusted my AMD Graphics Card settings to "High Performance" and did a driver update. (Which we had to do for 2019) Now when I use the program, it has a horrible lag that makes working in large documents extremely difficult since I have to wait up to 30 seconds just to select something. Is there a way to fix this so there is no lag?
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