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  1. We are about to start work on the Federal Courthouse here in Seattle. As it is a Federal Project, we are required by contract to save the drawings for the client in .DWG format, and furthermore we will be exchanging drawings with our consultants who are all using AutoCAD themselves. In the past it has not been an issue, because we have had relatively few drawings to pass back and forth, and we were in control of the layering and lineweight situation. For this project in particular, we are required to use a subset of the CAD standards that are federally mandated. The question is this: is there a way to save the lineweight-to-color conversion values as a table somewhere so that we can batch import/export DWG files into/out of Vectoworks? Is there someone that has written a VectorScript to do this? Is there someone you would recommend to write a Vectorscript to do this? Nemetschek Tech Support has stated that there is currently no way to save these values in tabular form. (similar to ctb and pcp files in AutoCAD) Nemetschek Tech Support has suggested that lineweights can be used in AutoCad 2000. Unfortunately we don't have control over what the consultants use, and as stated above, we are mandated to use DWG's or DXF's with line colors. This is going to be a very big project, and anything that can be done to automate this process would be greatly appreciated. I would even recommend putting this on a wish list for the next version of Vectorworks.
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