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  1. Hi. I'm placing a window into a wall that has splayed jambs only. However when I select splay internal wall, in 3D it seems to splay the head and the cill as well. I only need the jambs splayed... Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks, Matt
  2. Thanks for the tip. I've just added the "custom stair tool" and have been using this to work around the problem. Wow, a blast from the past, as I had forgotten about this tool. I did notice however that the custom stair tool seems a little "buggy" in VW2020 as it does not render some of the treads as solid objects in 3D. I hope the standard stair tool gets updated to reflect this simple change. Many thanks, Matt
  3. Hi. I'm modelling an existing building with a stair that winds at the top of the flight and has no 'straight' top tread. See attached image. I cannot seem to get Vectorworks (VW2020) to model this stair without having a single 'straight' tread at the top of the winder. Does anyone know of a work around for this? Thanks, Matt.


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