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  1. Thats great. Thanks for sharing the surface hatch.
  2. Hi Tom. Thats excellent, thanks! I have just had a play with the hatch tool and managed to get something to work. I wasn't sure the attribute mapping would work in a wall, but was gad it did, as I needed to adjust the hatch a little so that the first course of blocks started at the top of the foundation as a whole bock. Much appreciated. Matt
  3. Hi Kevin, Thanks. I'll try to be more specific. Here are some examples of what I'm hoping for / trying to achieve... The first image shows a hatch i'm using for concrete block. I would like to add mortar joints (with the concrete hatch still there) so that I can work out the course layers etc. The second image shows a tile that I used to try and get close to what I wanted (albeit without the concrete hatch). However... The third image shows that when I move to another detail, the tile doesn't quite stay the same. I now get vertical mortar joints visible. SO! The fourth image shows what I'm happy with (This is what i'm aiming for), though i'm drawing over the viewport in "annotations" to show the mortar joints at the right spacings. I was hoping that the wall tool or tile tool could help to show mortar joints at set spacings. But my VW skills elude me. I have tried using a hatch, but cannot corral this to give the correct spacing through the hatch. Perhaps it's just lack of skill on my part. But I was hoping it would be a little easier. That image you showed was close to what i'm after. But rather than an image texture, I was hoping for a hatch / tile. Thanks Matt
  4. Hi, I'm detailing a brick / block wall and would like to show precisely and graphically each stacked block / brick with a 10mm mortar joint. I have tried using tiles, but cannot get this to work very well. Is there anything i've missed? Thanks, Matt
  5. Ok. to answer my earlier self... and for others who find themselves stumped by this. I solved it by going to Advanced properties under the section viewport, then the "Attributes" tab where I changed "Line Style" from "Use Class" to "Use Original". This worked for me. I hope it helps others faced with this problem. Matt
  6. Hi. I have been trying to export a sheet layer that shows elevations and sections. I am using OpenGL as my background render with Hidden Line as my foreground render. In the foreground render settings I am selecting a careful sketch style. This shows up nicely in Vectorworks. However when I go to export, the foreground lines are no longer visible. When I export with the hidden line not as a sketch style, the pdf works and shows the hidden line. I'd love to use the sketch style for a client export, so does anyone have any ideas what might be going on here? Images attached show the issue. Many Thanks Matt
  7. mattfox

    Rotating plan

    Thanks Pat and bcd. Good tips. I've been using saved views on and off for a while and didn't quite get on with them, as I was too used to the keyboard shortcuts (flipping from plan to elevation etc.). I'll try the viewport / design layer suggestion, this is something i've not thought of. Many thanks for the help Matt
  8. mattfox

    Rotating plan

    Hi. I'm working on a drawing, which is oriented by site plan so that North is pointing up the page. The issue is that when I wish to add 3D elements in elevation, I need to always rotate the plan using the "Rotate Plan" tool. This is fine, however it's starting to become frustrating doing this every minute or so... Is there a way of orienting the drawing permanently (so that it is at right angles) without altering the North point? Sorry if this is a dumb question... I cannot seem to work it out. Thanks, Matt
  9. Hi. I'm placing a window into a wall that has splayed jambs only. However when I select splay internal wall, in 3D it seems to splay the head and the cill as well. I only need the jambs splayed... Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Thanks, Matt
  10. Thanks for the tip. I've just added the "custom stair tool" and have been using this to work around the problem. Wow, a blast from the past, as I had forgotten about this tool. I did notice however that the custom stair tool seems a little "buggy" in VW2020 as it does not render some of the treads as solid objects in 3D. I hope the standard stair tool gets updated to reflect this simple change. Many thanks, Matt
  11. Hi. I'm modelling an existing building with a stair that winds at the top of the flight and has no 'straight' top tread. See attached image. I cannot seem to get Vectorworks (VW2020) to model this stair without having a single 'straight' tread at the top of the winder. Does anyone know of a work around for this? Thanks, Matt.


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