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  1. Thanks! Actually, that brings up an interesting behaviour that made me shake my head at first...perhaps you can explain (not critical--don't worry about it). The CD I have clearly says Vectorworks 10.1: and Foundation, Architect,Landmark, Mechanical and Spotlight are checked off (presumably to indicate they are present on the disk, which they are). The exact error I got when trying to apply the individual modules is that the module installs don't match the current version (this was before I updated to 10.1.2). I'm wondering if the disk has a 10.1 installer for VW and 10.0 installers for the extras, and they're barfing on that mis-match. Anyway, I will get in touch with our vendor and find out what happened....thanks for your help! Oliver
  2. Wow, thanks for the fast response... Installed 10.1 and since updated to 10.1.2. After poking around a bit more, it seems that I *do* have access to the mechanical specific tools if I create a custom workspace. I guess I was just hoping for a pre-built workspace.... Oliver
  3. Hi, Our company typically only uses (PC ver.) VW 10.x - Architect, but the need has arisen to use Mechanical as well. Having forseen this enventuality, it was my understanding that we had purchased the whole VW suite (Mech, Arch etc). So I was just trying to install Vectorworks - Mechanical.....and it seems I can't (it doesn't show up as an option in workspaces---do I need to create my own workspace perhaps?). When I try to run the Mechanical specific installer from the CD, it says I have to run the main installer; however, the main installer does not give an option for additional components........I've tried re-installing the whole thing too; no luck. I must be missing something (or were we duped into believeing we had gotten the whole package, when in fact we didn't )? Thanks Oliver


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