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  1. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your response. Ed Rose
  2. I'm considering buying a 17" Mac Book Pro laptop and was wondering if anyone has a preference for Cad work with a glossy screen versus a matte screen?
  3. I used to have a plywood hatch many years ago in who knows what version of VectorWorks. Does anyone know where I might find this hatch for 2009 version?
  4. I agree also. Thanks to all, I've gone to this method, but it seems like it would not be hard to create a tool for this function. A tool would be alot faster. Maybe the next update?
  5. Thanks, but my need is to be able to change the views to enable seeing it from the top and sides as well as isometric. I have very complicated layout of 6 plus systems that need to be under slab without interfering with each other. These drawings will be helpful for all the trades involved. More complex than a freeway interchange.
  6. I have a need to produce a 3D plumbing drawing with many layers of systems involved. I've explored the existing tools in Architect and Designer, but have not been able to create 3D tubular objects. I used the various methods of making piping runs with polygons, polylines and electrical conduit with only 2D results. Is there a way that anyone knows to get 3D tubular objects from the existing tools or do I need a 3rd party plug-in ? Is anyone familiar with "3D Tubular" plug-in? Will it do what I need?
  7. I have an older file that has lines with text inserted along the line. These are for illustrating water, telephone, gas etc. lines on a site plan. The tool I had used would place the text as many times as you indicated along the line. I can no longer edit these lines. The text is gray in the object info pallet. I also can't find the tool to create new lines with text in them. This may have been a 3rd party plug-in. It was very useful. Is there another way this can be done that I can't find? Or do I have to go back to laying text over the line as I did in the old days? Thanks Ed Rose VectorWorks 12.5.1
  8. Do you think that I just happened to insert the CD at the very same moment that auto save was coming on? The computer did not know which to do first so it decided to corrupt my file?
  9. I just received two messages which led up to the final error that says you must save to another location. The first error message ... Failure on attempt to set file position After checking the OK I got the second error message ... Disk I/O Error (Failure on attempt to write to file) After checking the OK I then got the final error to save to another location. I saved to my external drive with no success and then copied to the external drive (this method has been successful in the past, even to the local drive) with no success. I then saved to a flash drive with no success. Before using my last attempt at (Save Copy) I decided to save and close two other VectorWorks files. I also quit other applications (Acrobat, System Prefs and Internet Connect). I removed a CD that I had just inserted when all this started. I then save copy to my flash drive and it worked saving me once again from repeating all my previous work. Maybe these new clues might help someone to figure this out. My nerves are wearing thin.
  10. I just experienced the file loss/corruption problem yesterday. Was able to follow the instructions to save to another location (flash drive and external drive). Both of these saves were OK, but the local file was only 48K. I saved as other versions to the local drive with 0 kb results both times. I called Applecare immediately before checking this forum first. They advised me to take my iMac G5 into an Apple store for diagnosis. All the hardware, memory etc checked out. They said it must be the software. I asked about file naming, number of characters and path hierachy as a possible culprit. They ruled these out as possibilities from the OS point of view. My file was 25.4MB and did not include any dxf/dwg imports. I had imported some SketchUp files, but had removed them before file corrupted. I had also turned on all the classes to find something and undid that to return to the original setup. Sometimes I think that this process is very difficult to compute and everthing gets boggled. I certainly hope this problem can be resolved quickly. My confidence is at a new low. As it has been ever since I installed 12.5. This problem has caused me to save my files in more than one place to avoid redoing them.
  11. How do you adjust the location of the label next to plugin objects in 12.5? In 12.0 there was a Object Properties box that had a way to adjust the x and y locations. Has it been moved somewhere else?
  12. Instead of giving me a section viewport I keep getting an error message: ""An attempt to define a Plug-in object named "NNA_ArchSection" failed because Format with that name already exists in the current document. The entire operation is cancelled."" Then I get another error message : "You have drawn an invalid section line to create a section. You need to redraw the section line in order to draw the section." I've tried to create a section from a viewport and a design layer with the same results. I've made many sections before without this error message, does anyone know how to get around this ?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays to all.
  13. Although making PDFs with the export command (single or batched) is easier, faster and can be opened and viewed I can't get it printed at the service agency. They keep getting some postscript error. So I'm currently using the slower print/save as PDF command. What's the story here,? Does Adovbe need to provide drivers for these agency printers? Is this another game of catchup?
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