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  1. @JustinVH VW2020 (latest updates) on MacOS Mojave with latest updates. Pulling direct from default libraries.
  2. Hey guys, Thank you both for the replies.. I see now it is definitely a unit issue. What is interesting is that in the Vectorworks default libraries -> Ent Audio, ALL actual bumper symbols themselves are in inches, whereas ALL speaker symbols are mm. Is this a config issue on my side? So the bumpers have the right numbers, just wrong unit.. Thanks, Zach
  3. Hello All, I have imported the L'Acoustics Bumper and Speaker libraries (from Service Select -> Ent Audio) into my Defaults -> Audio Tools -> Bumpers and Speakers. Am now trying to use the speaker array tool set.. Upon placing the array and going to configure it, all the L'Acoustics bumpers do not seem to be scaled. For example, the M-BUMP + M-BAR is 750' x 700' x 80'. KIBU-SB is 554' x 550' x 98'. The speakers all have imported and scaled correctly... I'm not sure if this is a scaling issue or just an object issue. Anyone have any experience with this?? Thanks, Zach


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