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  1. So Mark Doubleday and I spent about an hour on video call last week and figured out where some of these errors are coming from. This mostly related to the fact that the 2 SL positions were created by mirror imaging the SR ones, which causes something to break in schematic view as it references the original geometry. I have attached the demo I put together to show him. Schematic View Test.vwx
  2. I need someone to sanity check me here. I feel like Schematic View could be beneficial in theory, but I started experimenting with it today and seem to have immediately run into issues. Lets start from today's beginning. Simple truss layout of 30 and 45deg angled positions (image 1). I attempt to create a schematic view of the furthest right truss (image 2). Image shows schematic view as it appeared when created. Now I can live with it appearing centered on the user origin, however you'll notice that once created has incorrect fixture orientation in relation to the truss' orientation and has additionally removed the label legend container. I have been unable to resolve this in any way through my experimentation. The straight truss in the drawing when converted does keep correct fixture orientation but also loses the label legend container. Also moving the position to compare it to the original it seems to have been created in mirror image. The last minor but weird thing is that once a schematic view is created, the lighting symbols seem to appear and disappear depending on how I'm viewing the design layer. Sometimes zooming in makes some fixtures disappear, and even scrolling left to right causes some to pop in and out of view reliably at similar view. ( Image 3 + 4) My intention is to test this on vertical positions next, however I'm not sure I want to take the time as from what I can see the tool feels completely broken even for simple single rotation positions. Am I crazy? What am I missing? Has anyone else run into issues like this? Thanks
  3. @M.Graf TH-OWL Thanks! That works much closer to how I intended. Much appreciated. I'm just starting to get a better feel for how the marionette system works. Any sense as to why the file size seems so huge?
  4. I'm attempting to make a simple tool that has a few text user input text fields as well as an object that gets its color fill from a drop down menu. All these fields should also link to a custom record so that the information can be put into a report. I have most of this working in a very thrown together manner in the attached file, however there are a few specific things I'm most curious about. 1) How do I structure this so that when I eventually get this to work as a tool the created object is placed at next mouse click? Currently when wrapped object is created at 0,0 2) Why when converted to a Marionette Object does the attached record break? 3) Why is the file size so huge for so little information? Thanks! File attached was made on VW2019 SP6 OSX Build:522773 Marionette Test Smaller.vwx
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