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  1. Thanks for help, close to sorting this but came across something I was not expecting I thought it was Quadro RTX 4000 vs Geforce RTX 2080ti... Buy now Im coming across lots of Geforce RTX 2080 ti cards made by lots of brands. made by Gigabyte, Asus, Evga, Zotac, Palit, Nidea, PNY, Blower... etc How do I tell one from the others, which ones or ones are better, which ones are more reliable or long laster, which just have a pretty brand lable and cost more for the same thing, noticing prices of ££several hundred. Whats the difference I particular when looking at custom builds and the choice is Quadro RTX vs Geforce RTX 2080ti and they dont initial mention the brands. A Quadro is a Quadro made by nvidea but whats happening with the 2080ti and how do I not end up with a dud or pay extra for 1 LED and as cool logo How do I know which ones are good and which ones are rubbish when it looks like the same card?
  2. hi could you point out where the raid one would be as thought it was being replaced by the nas. Just so we are on the same line is the NAS just an lan or wireless box with a hard drive in it or something else as well or is it the raid one is in the NAS with 2 drives only unlike a motherboard rid this has the hardware version so like a Raid 1 set up but with better electronics to do it properly which as a Lan line rather than direct in the computer lass likely to be hacked and if wireless could be hidden incase of burglary? can I access said NAS from a remote place? Anything else I need to know? Also how do I tell a good from a bad one, what features should they have? any good or bad brands? whats the starting 1 or 2 drive system that would get the job done but without costly flashy lights and bling?.... Clueless on these Thanks
  3. If im to go with a NAS set up as opposed to the RAID one, what should I look for bearign in mind I wont be needing some major set up server etc. Just an alterantive to to the raid idea that work js as well (no good getting nice fast iron wolf drives to put in it if they then get majorly slowed down. Should have the 10gb ethernet off the zeneth motherboard if it helps. ie brands, models, what to look for feature wise what to avoid what else I would need on top, is it just a internet box you pop a hard drive in etc ta
  4. what do you know about NAS drive set ups as opposed to raid drives in the same system. what happens if you NAS drive fails, do they have any kind of raid set up or alternative? Like someone moves them whilst doing the cleaning when its working etc. Would an Idea be to have one of those 4tb drives in the computer and the other in the NAS instead of raid?
  5. Thanks . Wasn't just thinking GPus but other add on cards like a 2-4 way additional m.2 ssd drive card, more ssd drives, maybe a future audio card ertc
  6. Not sure, as one reason for the thread ripper system was the number of lanes and thus space to upgrade that comes with them not just the power. It could help towards getting items like a Greenscreen & photo studio set up, podcast kit and or DSLR cameras if I was going to go down this route I think the two board I may look at would be the MSI PRESTIGE X570 CREATION ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE You familiar with them? More likely the former due to the wireless and lan and m2 add on card. The ASUS board was the top option on the Scan uk configurator and PC Specialist Not sure if anyone is familiar wit them... That would be the only way I could afford a Quadro RTX 5000 but then whilst gaining some single core speed would loose it with the render times and lack of lands and connect and upgradabilty. Plus render speed Something else has come up Raid one plan issues Got directed to this article Why RAID is (usually) a Terrible Idea As president of Puget Custom Computers, I get a unique perspective on computer products and technology. Our company specializes in selling high performance custom computers, and that naturally brings up the question of RAID often. There is an overwhelming opinion out there that if you have the... https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Why-RAID-is-usually-a-Terrible-Idea-29/ Having had hard drive failure before causing me catastrophic problems and setting me back tow years as it have all my portfolio and uni work for four years on it and had several external drives fail having been considered a RAID 1 4t sea gate ironwolf essential This would also get an online or other method added ot it when affordable But what are your experiences of motherboard based raid 1 as a level 1 backup? ------- You can see below as to why I was so keen on RAID 1 cut and paste... I have had catastrophic hard drive failures. Including the 2 TB external drive with most of my 4 years university work on it, several other external drives. The laptop only had 1 TB at that time I think. l've had a good 3 x 1 tb external hard drives with other content on them I had been using as back ups. These either just went or may have been a result of a knock. Only one external drive remains and thats one in a rubber case , 1TB and its pretty much full up and the only back up I have. Also I have effectively been saving for this system since July 2017. Basically I had been attending some top prop making courses and had purchased several hundred outs of materials to practice with but shortly after the July 2017 by portfolio website was up for renewal and they were seriously over charging so I cancelled the subscription and had just copied and taken it all down when my laptop and its hard drive failed with all on it along with everything else on it and nothing had been backed up for several months. This has effectually killed chances of a career in this ares for a couple of years as I managed to get some sort of recovery software working on the hard drive but it tool over a month to extract stuff from the drive which I had to leave along. When this finished all I got were thousands of folders with any recovered files all mixed up with no file structure at all only unnamed pdfs, jpegs, tiff and word files. Most work had been in Indesign files. More so these were not simply what had been on there, but every thumbnail, part version of images files, in all manner of sizes, unnamed in unnamed random folders, and what appeared to have been every file that had ever been trashed and leads of stuff I had never seen,. The only way to work out what the Jpegs were was from their thumbnails but when opened these could be any size from a stamp size button to large jpgs and there must have been hundreds of each and many only part versions... to try and go through all these and isolate what was useful then get each in some sort or folders with the different versions of each took several months more and thats as they had thumbnails, the pdf and word files did not so had to on through those one at a time, I still have 10s of thousands to try and find things like an assignment, most likely earlier version of them.. This on what had been my mothers low spec laptop and still on it a think pad Edge i3 machine. Its 500gb hard drive is stuffed too with only a few gigs left. After that it till till Christmas 2018 before I could save up for a 40 inch 4k TV to use as a second monitor for the laptop as TV also failed during that time, and only after that could get going building a new portfolio which was not done toll July 2018. Saved roughly enough to look into a I9 or Threadripper 2 system in March 2019 but that got chipped away and ran into the ip single thread or Threadripper multi-thread argument for a couple of months before finding out the new Threadripper system to come so waited figuring it would be good with both and been researching the which of the new new motherboards (or even ryzen 3950x system) to go for plus coolers, which out of Quadro or Geforce argument ( and want to get this finally done asap..). Hence (sorry about the story above) why I was so keen on a raid 1 array as one of the most important components as 1st level back up before having a secondary on line or safer external system with its own back up. ta
  7. How good for all this is the Quadro 4000rtx from what Ive been describing compared to 1 or say a pair or linked Quadro RTX 5000 or 6000? What is really needed for the levels of work and software I have been describing to do a half decent job that does not take forever and that I could with a bit of practice have some kind or profitable work out of it. Will the 4000 work and do the task and the pair of RTX 5000 major over kill or the 4000 RTX too low level, Is this impossible with a £4400 /5200 euro? Or start with the Geforce till can save up for a Quadro as well? and whihc one for it to be worth it?
  8. LOl everytime I decide on Quadro or Geforce more info pulls it back to the other one... unfortunately cant afford both. If Solidworks and the other fussy ones will work well with the Geforce if not perfectly then maybe could try that first but can you see whey this is taking a whilse and stress when being pulled in two directions on this let alone the other components. Especially when its not a little but a huge difference in performance between the 11gb rtc 2080ti and Quadro 4000x and higher grade Quadro cards cost so much more. Need to make decisions and get this done. (And out of your helpful hair) Its also driving mum and girlfriend batty the time taken to try and sort this. Plus not good spending all the money on pc parts when will be needing things like podcast /audio kits, green screen studio kit, DSLR camera and not much money comming in Hence pressure to do it right
  9. Local employment offices are utterly useless. They only have local retail, security, temp agency, fast food, catering, delivery driver, customer service, minor clerical, bus driver type unskilled jobs, nothing on a graduate level, for anyone with a degree, most entry level positions, apprenticeships, trainee roles and things like a media and creative workshops only accept 16-24 year olds. The work coaches have no specific industry experience like engineering, media, production, medicine, science etc. the courses they do are how to write a generic CV and cover letter for a conventional background or things like here is how you turn on a computer, use windows or basic MS work... nothing 'intelligent' for those with any education and not even things like workshops skills like say wood, metal, model making, certainly no cad skills or anything resembling the kinds of demands for experience you would see in any professional or even junior career job. basically they are geared to people with no qualification, who bearly know what a computer is and just trying to push them into brain dead, min wage work with no prospects. Its also next to impossible to fill in an application form when your work is something like film extra work which is occasional random days work for different agencies each time, where there is different pay each day when you have no idea when you get paid then get various deductions and the form wants to know what is your employer, person to ask for references, your salary when there isn't not one, what achievements etc when the work is hang around on set, walk from here to there be in a moshpit one day, a office worker then next and then maybe acting as a psychotic ferel max max type the next. Or show how you improved things or made achievements when it was just sampling cranberries at a festival or being very bored trying to show people how to use smart speakers when there is no internet connection in a PC world store. My CV lists many 'have a go once on a course skill and some more practiced but only a tiny percentage of the mostly no brain work Ive done which is not at all relevant to content creative work, and some more relevant work on the first page with huge date gaps, often just one week or less temp positions I use brains and creativity mainly at home post university, be it doing photo artwork for a neighbour, designing something to be 3D printed, restoring furniture, doing horror makeup, or just playing total war. Plus some unpaid art department experience on sets. Making audition videos as well and a confident presenter. If it helps my portfolio website is www.chrisrosedesigns.com I get email alerts from online agencies like Glassdoor and pay for many.com both film crew and theatrical. Most job agencies are for office like work and only list positions for those with lots of experience and want achievements and how you handled tasks using the Star system. More so I have seen what appears to be training or advice for recruits to red flag those who appear to have lots of unrelated short temp jobs with no linear progressive career history and want jobs in 'date not relevance and skill order. Hence when I get email alerts for the few creative jobs I see it has been very much this one wants autodesk, that one google Sketchup, this one after effects etc, rather than lots wanting one or two software packages. The likes of Rhino does come up alot along with Premier, After Effects, Sketchup, Vectorworks, V-Ray 3D studio Max, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch etc. Nothing consistent though. Higher level industry jobs at the likes of Lucasfilm list Houdini, Maya, Katana, etc. UX/UI jobs seem to be in demand and will look to learn sketch One issue with some of the rarer software is it costs masses of amount and appears to need high end computers and you are expected to have lots of experience. I get the spreading thin bit. In university we used Solidworks, a bit of Alias, Photoshop, Indesign (I need a lot more practice with Illustrator, i just have not had that much use for it). But when I started to apply thats when it was all sorts of software being asked for in the few creative design jobs I could find and much of that has only been with more specialist agencies. What I need is to get a job somewhere that say uses Rhino V-Ray and a couple of others then I would know to practice with just those. Im in London. Hence the difficulty in focusing. It would be different say if you lived in a ship building port then you could do weilding. Hence looking maybe to find something I can do myself. As said which direction is difficult and it does not help when there is large demand for things like UX/UI skills that were not taught at school or uni, you are older and been stuck in a vicious circle of no brain , non career temp work, nobody around you is technically or creative minded in the slightest so nobody ask for help or guide you. I really like and need the kind of situation you see in films like : Karate kid, Zorro, Star Wars, Surfs up, Eddie the Eagle etc where you have the older mentor guiding the younger directionless but keep rookie or the go to an academy which automatically leads to the career job at the end (Usually something police or military/med school based though). Kinda of what I need. Or real cases where (Like when I did a prop course) you have dad and daughter who has grown up being brought along on film sets or that could be a custom car mechanic work shop and learning how to do props and effects etc as then you get taught properly can focus and have access to the resources to learn and at they end you dont get dumped out of school and they did not teach industry software or practices or uni or a college short course where you find out what your were taught does not match real world job requirements demanding a 1 year or mores experience. or you do a tutorial online but when you try and doing something on your own you find out it hardly taught you anything with nobody to ask for help or what it taught is not how things are done in industry. I like making things run better, have a very critical analytical mind and how things work, I like making things that wow people, or cross them out, or looks cool, or is cute or works well and gives them a competitive edge, like TV and film production. the combination leads to things like practical special effects, set design, (Vectorworks) props or the visual effect equivalent that looks real (After Effects). So would like to be able to make a dinosaur animatronic and CGI version (Maya, 3d Studio Max, Cinema 4D). The theme warm up and look of an amusment park ride like a haunted house. Designing the interior of some quirky venue (hence Vectorworks).Confident in presenting some form of youtube comes to mind. Or developing a product as inventive Ideally something with a organic flowing form, more Rhino than Solidworks (But not learned surface modelling in it yet) . Or maybe go back to live role play weapon design where the likes of Zbrush may help create something ornate. like a hilt. A wild naughty rock and cheeky radio show thats as takes the 'elephant scene' in the movie as inspiration so podcasting comes to mind as would not be allows on uk radio. All creative design. Once I can get something at least semi perminent that is paying and secure thats when I can focus as would know what to focus on or more likely a combination of them. Says Premier, Maya, After Effects, Nuke or Blender, v ray keyshot, Solidworks, Rhino, Zbrush and mudbox to 3d print etc The idea of the workstation is to enable me to try and learn and work out where to focus and have the means to be able to develop and do these things and have some options with something that can do them practically and fast and thus the potential to profitability. (Ie no good trying to do photo restoration with calibrated monitors where what you see on screen does not match prints) or trying to edit videos that takes ages for the implies things then over night to render. Sorry if a bit long but trying to explain how I got into this mess as opposed to someone who news what direction to go in from childhood as had the mentoring, workshops, support, tutoring and entry jobs after to build a career from teens. Thanks for all time
  10. Thanks for the heads up warning...thats out then anyway of finding out like if its tested at CEX?
  11. That's an easy answer, at the is stage train and practice and get some portfolio material both to try and get entry level work at a high age (46) or due to difficulty in getting the intern/graduate/trainee/ genuine junior roles (ie one that don't require lots of experience) then maybe looking into some sort of self employment creative use such as youtube blogging or videos, podcasts, design work, maybe look into product design prototyping, or something I can make a mould of and sell copies of etc. One reason for the wide range is always seeing different job requirements but not many entry level jobs ie this one wants Google Sketchup, that one want Rhino this one after effects when I just want a creative career job. Plus not say 2 days unpaid as an art department assistant every few months if lucky when not really getting taught much... at least a solid 6 months or more would tech something and count as some sort of recognisable experience. My interest has always been something like special effects, props, product design that utilises both creative and engineering, but all I seem to get is a mix of odd days film extra, promo (think auditing stores demoing products, sampling etc). Have a degree but never got the 'mentored' trainee followup 'bridge' job that takes you from teen part time like work to experienced professional. Did for a few years have a print shop graphic design job but that was mainly simple stuff like text business cards and invoices or invites, some TV runner and research work and used to make live action role play weapons (think foam swords for the dungeons and dragons folk), pus few days here or there in art departments but mostly just odd days film extra work and looking to change that and develop skills. Hence I returned to university on an industrial design course. But looking for a system that can be also used for more professional work if can get good enough to be paid and afford more up to date legit software and find where to focus on as kind of need the stable job first to work that out.
  12. Thanks herbie that was VERY useful apart from the annoying bit where the Geforce RTX 2080ti whihc was the alterantive to the Quadro RTX 4000 is was looking at wasn't included Grrr not your fault. But correct me if wrong here it did appear to show that Geforce cards whilst not certified DI seem to work well in Solidworks including the visualise render viewport and that may just make the decision between the two. Not sure if worth getting a Quadro rtx 4000 in a few months as well to swap depending on application used or if thats just a dumb idea and waste of money. have you made any use of the MSI creature centre like on the MSI RTX40 creator and if its actually useful enough to make the MSI the choice over the Zeneth Extreme? The main reason why I was feeling trapped into the Quadro would be if in Solid works the Geforce card stopped it actually working or being buggy, problematic, visualise not working etc. When I ask on the solid works forum its all get Quadro or you will have problems... Not sure if that's just to push Quadro as I agree in that when I look at results Geforce cards are way faster.... I was even toying with the idea of maybe getting one of each to swap depending on the job and possibly trying to get one second hand but been told too risky and thats a £850 to over £1000 extra. Don't know if its Quadro workers posting on the Solidworks boards pushing their cards or there is a genuine issue with it not working. I ca swap to the GEforce card within or a bit over budget but that or use the Quadro and upgrade the processor to 3070x, but BOTH ups it from £4400-4600 to £5000 and my entire savings is about £5850 with very little expected to come in as only have odd days film extra work and no steady job. The idea of getting the system is to help build skills enough o get entry level design work with more skills and portfolio or some sort of self employed work to get out of this situation and out of parents home which at my age is insane. Also you mentioned ram and Im a little confused. I understand over clocking is more power in processor, heats up must cool it , risks damage and wear and instability crashes etc But how does this relate to higher speed ram.? is it you have to get higher speed ram to match the over clock or it dont work is it you put higher speed ram it forces an over clock or can you have faster ram that reduces latency and makes the processor run better but without over clocking it? and whats the difference between unbuffered dimms ram verses say corsair LPx vengence ram (seen both on a quote) Thanks for the help you guys are excellent
  13. Toying with the idea of holding back on the storage 4tb array or iron wolf hard drives for a bit to put the money towards upgrading to the 3970x processor but you loose a little 0.1 ghz (TR 3960x 3.8-4.5 TR 3970x 3.7x-4.5). Its going £200 over the budget but could manage it but then would just have the 1tb SSD for a while which is more of a risk and still have stuff on a stuffed external drive. Was also looking to try this with upgrading to a Quadro 5000 rtx instead of the 4000 but that costs far more so can't see how to make that affordable. But out of curiosity given the use and software I was planning which out of upgrading the processor or the GPU would be more useful Top processor would be nice but the 3060x is still second best for the render and encoding side Given my use not sure if worth such a big cost increase for the Rtx 5000 now Thanks for all the help
  14. Are second hand used GPUs a good idea or high risk? ie to get around the Quadro vs Geforce situation, get both but one new and the other second hnad say in a month. Like Quadro rtx 4000 now then later a second hand Geforce rtx 2080ti off ebay if get lucky with an auction or CEX store (*as tested) or are they likely to have been worn out, burnt out, over clocked etc
  15. Also does it help to have faster ram say 3600 as opposed to 3200? without setting the processor to a overclock? is the overclock issue separate for ram or processor or does sticking faster ram to try and deal with latency help or do you need manual auto overclock the processor and system? and if so how high is stable and processor safe or just let it do its auto boost


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