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  1. I use Vectorworks for school, and it's been running fine for the little assignments they'd have us do. And now I'm working on the first serious project, I've got a file that's almost 200 mb because I've got literally hundreds of cuts on my layout, and performance is in the toilet. That much I'd understand, but I don't know where the bottleneck is. My hardware monitoring tools tell me that the CPU is sowewhere around 50% during all this, my RAM isn't full either, and the GPU isn't breaking a sweat. For funzies I even moved the file to my SSD, but that didn't help. Point is, I need to upgrade my rig, but I don't know what I'd hate to upgrade something only for performance to be no better (I don't have the money to just get a top of the line PC). Here's my specs: AMD FX-4100 4 core 3.6 Ghz cpu 24 GB RAM (DDR3) ATI Radeon RX 570 GPU, 4GB vRAM Any pointers would be appreciated. tubemate get-mobdro.com authorityapk.com
  2. Background, I work at an Arts organization in programming. I want to learn Vectorworks for a few reasons. I want to be able to include concept to scale drawings of ideas I am pitching. I also think it would be a valuable skill to have on a resume. My company has only one license of Vectorworks and it's not in my department and is not accessible to me. Nor can I afford Vectorworks out of pocket on my own. Any advice? 9apps apk cartoon hd
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