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  1. there needs to be a faster easier way to manipulate the layers and classes
  2. yes that is true but there are many times when it would be nice to be able to snap and work with layers at different scales with out having to work with only one layer at a time. It seems like they could add a button to toggle between manipulating layers at the same scale and manipulating all layers regardless of scale.
  3. It would be nice when putting together a layout or page of details that contain a series of layers with drawings at different scales to be able to(as it says in the layers menu)to snap or modify all of the layers rather than only being able modify or snap to the active layer. Please let me know if i am missing somthing
  4. Why do lines take on the class attributes of the current class when they are cut using the cut tool, why can't they be shorter yet otherwise unchanged. am i doing somthing wrong, or am i missing something?
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