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  1. @Matt Panzer yes I like this solution, thank you!
  2. @Pat Stanford Yes I've done this in the past but I typically don't like using section viewports for elevations. I like having the freedom to move the markers without it affecting the viewports. Also depending on the design of the building I might need the information beyond the cut. Thank you for the suggestion though!
  3. Wondering if anyone has a work around this problem. I have my hinge markers set to 'exterior' only, but in structures where there are window on both side of the building, I can see the back of the hinge through the glazing in my elevations. Thoughts? See attached image:
  4. If you click on the desired viewport, ensure that "display planar objects" is selected, the tags should show up.
  5. Does anyone have any idea why I might not be able to snap to the midpoints/endpoints of a railing or fence? This issue only began in the past couple of months or so. I have updated the software to SP4 but am still running into the same problem and is unique the the fence/railing symbol. Adjusting railing locations has been very frustrating with this issue, I'm curious to know if anyone else has this problem or if there is something I accidentally disabled.
  6. Has anyone resolved this? Also working in Windows, VVS 2020 and it only starter to happen when I upgraded to 2020.


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