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  1. I was seeing this problem with 2022 as well. I found that enabling "Run installation and uninstall program as 32-bit process on 64-bit clients" is another workaround. Keep in mind if you're copying "LoginDialog.xml" to Program Files, this will cause it to be redirected to Program Files (x86). To fix that, use the environmental variable %ProgramW6432%. It's been 3+ years but here's to hoping the Vectorworks devs fix this some day.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to follow up. I'm not having any problems with AV or the detection method. In your original post, it was just not installing/timeout. Do you think its moving the installer location that fixed this? Or something else?
  3. Same problem with Vectorworks 2020. Application installs silently when using Software Center. When doing a required deployment, it starts but times out after 2 hours. The devs need to test and fix the silent installer when running under the "SYSTEM" account.
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