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  1. Running mac based office with VW 13. How do you get the output of the D size printer to output 36" long sheets in lieu of 37"?
  2. Has anyone found a way to create a storefront window wall that allows for insertion of doors, changing directions(w/ resultant wall joining capabilities), functional in 3D, etc? The workaround has been to create a wall type of just glass and then have to go in and add mullion shapes-you can cut in a door but the mullions are just shapes that can be extruded for 3d but that does not cover horizontal mullions.
  3. The current window wall tool does not have the functions of a wall. There are no wall joining capabilities, no insertion of door potential(to create a storefront) and no 3d capabilities(no horizontal/vertical mullions).
  4. Onscreen Takeoff(a windows based construction cost software program)will allow for import of a pdf file. However every option for pdf creation that I have tried from mac based v10 will not import into their program. Anybody been down this road?
  5. Did you ever get the problem worked out? i think the 120nr for a small firm should be a great printer, dpi output price-roll and sheet feed etc. I am looking at vw10 on os10.2 and want to make sure that I have a system that will work.


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