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  1. Hi Rob, Thank you for your support. I was in contact with our Belgian VWX support office and they have already helped me out. A bug in the conversion of the dimensions. The first insert was fine, the second insert was 10x its size. When multiplying the length x10 in 'customize truss symbol data' and resetting this to the original size this was solved. Should be solved in the new service pack coming up!
  2. Hi there, I'm designing a truss structure using the integrated Insert Truss function and I'm using Prolyte H40V elements straight from the Resource Manager. If I put a C003 (L- piece) down, then try to attach a horizontal 300cm straight truss to it, it ends up at the wrong side. (image attached) Because Vectorworks does not automatically connect the two elements in the right way together, my calculations in Braceworks fail. With the Prolyte H30V items I don't have any troubles.. Hopefully someone can help! Thank you!


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