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  1. maybe not, do you have the original discs? how much are you asking? I have to factor in the shipping costs. Not sure how much that would be? Your right Canada is a lot closer. :(
  2. Hi Lidia. I am interested in purchasing the vw 2012 software and license. How much are you asking? and where are you located? where would you ship from? Im in US, New Jersey. Lmk, Thanks, Claire
  3. Hi, I'm interested in the VW2010 software and license. Is the fundamentals the basic architecture program? Please lmk, thanks, claire
  4. Hi, Looking through vectorwork forum. I see you upgraded your computer and needed to update your vectorworks software. Same for me. Though I'm just looking to update by 2008 version. Would you be interested in selling your 2014 vectorwork software? I would need a license number with the software. Let me know. Thanks, Claire
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