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  1. No ideas on this??? I guess I'm the only one experiencing this so far...
  2. Well I did and archive and install of panther and now the dongle isn't being recognized. I'm sure this is just a issue with the previous system folder, but I can't find any related files... Ideas? Yes I've downloaded and installed the Panther beta patch... Chris
  3. Many thanks and so sorry for the confusion. I guess I'm still doing some learning with the proper terminology in some areas of the program...
  4. Ah ha!!! Okay, that's the problem, but unfortunately the area is smaller than the Hatch box...any way of changeing the size of that box???
  5. I tried to post in the other thread, but the system kept telling me I had to log-in to post, even though I already was???? Anyway, I've had some success with hatching between objects, by selecting all of the objects and then choosing 'Hatch' and dragging in the empty space...However, it doesn't always seem to work. One area I'm trying to hatch is between two lines, a rectangle and a circle. After I drag in the empty space, no hatch displays. Is there a certain criteria in which applying a hatch this was does NOT work? Any input would be appreciated...
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