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  1. Hi there, I have been trying to import a .jgw file into Vectorworks and it keeps coming up with file not supported. I haven't imported these before so not sure if I am missing any steps but also can't kind find any relevant info online to assist. Any suggestions?
  2. So far I have been using X and Y coordinates in a worksheet to display Eastings and Northings values from a the stake tool in a table format. However when you 'set the user origin to the internal origin' instead of 'set user origin to match georeferencing system' this method no longer works( and it displays values not relative to eastings and northings- see image). The values still display correctly on the stake tool but not in the table. Is there a way in the worksheet to use a eastings and northings function rather than rely on x and y coordinates?
  3. So far I have been using X and Y Coordinate functions in a worksheet to display a table of Eastings and Northings values from the stake tool. However if you 'set user origin to internal origin' this method no longer works. The correct Eastings and Northings value are shown on the individual stake tools but not in the table. Is there away to select an eastings and northings function in the worksheet so we are not reliant on the x and y coordinates?


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