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  1. Thank You very much! It worked. Now I have to read more about plug-ins because I really do not understand why it worked.
  2. If I change the Text Style for Sys-CircuitNumbers I have to nudge every single cable for this change to be visible. Is there another way to update all circuits when I change the text style for circuits?
  3. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Attached is a 2018 file with the description. Thank You, IrenaTEMP_v2018.vwx TEMP_v2018.vwx
  4. Hi @Conrad Preen, I have attached an example file. This is an 2019 file, opened in 2021 and saved. Even though the lines are defined as rounded they are pictured as a combination of rounded and polyline. Is there a way to fix this without creating the connections from the scratch? Thank You Irena example.vwx
  5. Hi @Conrad Preen, I like the 2021 version and I would like an upgrade but we have problems working on old files in new version. There are around 50 files each having 5 to 7 design layers so it would take me a lot of time to do a transfer from 2018 to 2021 version. Kind regards, Irena
  6. When copying devices I frequently get two tags for same device. One of the tags Class is "None", the other is "Sys-Device Tag". This is a snip from "inside" group Device: My workflow is: Copy device using Ctrl Edit device using Edit tool Either Save and reopen or when I make cable connections. I am using Spotlight 2019 and ConnectCAD 2018. Does anyone has an idea?
  7. irenao

    Cable length

    Where can I set the distance between two racks or rooms? There are 4 rack, three of them are next to each other but the fourth one is in a different room. To calculate cable length where or how to set the distance if the racks are not next to each other? Thank You
  8. Thank You, I edited my workspace and added the missing command :) It worked! :)
  9. Hi, PDF export is missing from File->Export menu in Vectorworks Spotlight 2019. Any idea?
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