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  1. sorry- no there is no specific wall that causes the crash- but a lot of times it is a wall that is 1/8" thick- but I also get it with 1'-6" wide walls- so go figure
  2. YEs to both questions- I imported auto cad window details and the file was from VW 9
  3. I am using VW 10.5.1- newly reinstalled 2 days ago and I am still haivng the same problems I did previously- On some occasions when I move a wall- VW crashes- I never know when it's going to happen- but I found that it is far more frequent if I have connected walls enabled- and wall insertion mode enabled- so I keep those turned off- but it still happens- generally when I am zoomed in and looking at moving a wall a fraction of an inch- it doesn't seem to like that- any suggestions?
  4. I haven't installed any new programs on my computer for months- so I'm not sure what would have overwritten or corrupted the file- Also- can a file be a "carrier" but not show any of the syptoms of being corrupt? I ask this becuase I have a 2nd floor plan that I have been working on for some time and I did a save as for the third floor becasue the 2 floors are identical- however as soon as I started working on this newly saved 3rd floor plan it immediately crashed- I mean within about ten mouse clicks- what gives? how can the 2nd floor file be fine and the third one not be?
  5. SO I reinstalled VW 10.1 and I still can't open the files- I keep getting a Microsoft visual C++ runtime error- any thoughts? are these files junk now?
  6. For the past week I have been plagued by Vectorworks crashing on a regular basis- most often when I am copying something from one drawing to another- however now when I do that it gives me a specific error- namely MSVCRT.DLL has failed and vectorworks will close- once that closes VW- then I get another error message saying that the Kernel32.dll has failed etc. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Do I have to reinstall VW (10.5.0)?
  7. THanks so much- that really saves me a lot of headaches.
  8. I am wondering if there is a way to turn off VW's (10.5) "smart placement" of objects. It seems that 50% time I place an sink near a wall- VW assumes that I want to mirror flip that sink and place it in the middle of the wall- same holds true for insulation, studs, etc. I need to move them or resize them and VW works makes the worst assumptions (and I wonder why it makes any assupmtions in the first place) in moving the object to the wrong place- can this be turned off or otherwise resolved? should I use an old version of VW?
  9. I just installed an logitech optical wheel mouse on my sony vaio and find that when in VW (10.5) it moves at about half of the speed it normally does in any other windows program. I have since removed the new mouse and now the old mouse does the same thing- any suggestions?
  10. thanks for the info- that solved my problem- but does it make sense to have to turn off the auto join preference to keep your walls joined?
  11. I figured out my problem- I believe it is related to the VW 10- enable connected walls mode- I used to put a marquee around a group of walls- duplicate and move into place- apparently this is no longer an option- one person told me to put a marquee around the walls and then use duplicate array- seems a little more cumbersome- but I'm getting used to that- does anyone know of a better way- and could the connected walls mode feature be disabled in the next version? please?
  12. I am mostly copying them in the same file- right next to the original- same layer
  13. Using VW 10: whenever I copy a floor plan- the walls of the copied and orginal plan are no longer joined together, but disconnected- I have to go back and join them together- every time I make copy- any one know what the problem might be-is there some preference or button I need to push?
  14. Is there a way in VW 10 to turn off all of the classes that are "on" and all of the "off" classes on in one command? what's the best/ quickest way to do this? thanks
  15. Greetings: I am using Version 10.1.2 and am frustrated at the over sensitive nature of the buttons in the various palettes- If I click on the line type/weight button in the attributes palette often it will flash very quickly switch the line to a dashed line and then close all in under a second- of course if I slow down and wait for it to open it works - but I was hoping to be able to do something aside from having to slow down my work- On a similar note, I can find myself having to click other buttons multiple times like the 2d selection tool for example- when I am working quickly and moving the mouse back and forth from the 2-D palette, I can see the program recognizes that I have selected that tool when I click on the button because it starts to press down the button- but then it doesn't actually push it all the way in and select that tool- again this is when I am working fast- if I slow down it works better- so am I just lost on this one- or is there a way for vectorworks to keep up with me and not interupt "the flow"?
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