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  1. @iborisov Sent you my file via private message. Can i also note that this file also demonstrates an issue I have raised with roof face components in a separate thread. Thanks
  2. Just to add to the above; we are seeing the same issue with keynotes displaying exceptionally large following any adjustment to the note database or adding/removing callouts in a viewport in VW 2020 Sp2. I find that if i adjust the 'note text indent' on the keynote back to a reasonable value (ie. 5mm) it corrects all the values. Happens every time you adjust notes / callouts. Very frustrating
  3. Hi all, We use roof faces, often to model existing buildings that we are extending. There is an existing situation where the clay tiled roof has a slated tile edge detail. To model this, we modified a typical build up to create two component layers in the roof face; a lower 'finish' for the slate with an upper 'finish' of clay tiles. We then used the component offset to pull the clay tiled edge away from the eaves. Orbiting in model space, all looks fine. However, the offset is incredibly glitchy, and will often bug-out leaving the top layer of clay tiles invisible. On all viewports, as 2d or 3d projection, in open GL, renderworks or hidden line, the upper clay tile layer disappears. This does not appear to be a class issue - purely a problem when offsetting components. Can we do anything about this without remodelling different pieces of roof face for the different finishes? Also I'd note; we've started playing with Twinmotion and there seems to be no issues with the imports into there. Looking correct After editing bound offset - top layer has disappeared Viewport (in open GL) - tiles have become invisible (you can see the hard 'hidden-line' outline where they should be) Settings within roof face dialogue Vectorworks 2020 Sp2.


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