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  1. Hi Diego, There are two different applications; either 'Drive File Stream' (Their G-Suite application) or 'Backup and Sync' (Their Free/Consumer application). Please confirm which one you are using and what version. Can you confirm you are doing these tests with Project Sharing? We are having issues with project sharing and drive file stream where there are commits that vanish, corrupt vwxp files (have no idea how) or extremely slow commits when only a single person is working in the file.
  2. What google drive application are you using and what version? My understanding is that it does not work with Google Drive File Stream.
  3. +1 has this been resolved? Company is moving to Google Drive all in next month and I need project sharing to work. There is no clear info anywhere on this, like what version of what app it supports ect, it just says GOOGLE DRIVE which is totally unhelpful. I have had no response from VW technical support other than them saying it is fully functional on google drive.


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