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  1. I draw a lot of footings and when the engineer decides to change the size, resizing the rectangle is easy. If the footing is on the boundary - resize it from and end point, otherwise resize it from the centre - I think they're great. However rotated rectangles and ellipses should retain their shape, as I asked for in the wish list.
  2. I've come across a problem. I've written several parametric objects and released them to the 50 or so draftees in my company. I have recently added more parameters to some of them and did a little testing to see what happens if I use the new object on a machine which doesn't have the updated script. What I found is that the object only recognises the parameters of the old script (fair enough) but it doesn't even grey out the new parameters. If the object is then modified, anything which relies on the new parameters are removed. This could be dangerous if we update the machines and miss a few. Any suggestions ???
  3. We have most of our clients CTB plot style files which we store on the only PC in my department for running autocad. When we recieve drawings I need to go to that machine to print them off. What i'm saying is i'd like VW to be able to import them accurately so I don't have to jump on to autocad.
  4. Yes please - panning and zooming via the mouse is about the only good thing about Autocad, please bring it into VW. Perhaps even more mouse functions like clicking both left and right buttons.
  5. Rotated ellipses and rectangles which keep their shape attributes (not polyline). I have written these as PIO's but it would be a nice built in feature. Another thing I really really miss from the old Minicad days, pleaaaase bring it back is the ability to navigate the point of object placement via the numeric keypad (e.g when double clicking rectangle tool and clicking the placement point)
  6. When importing DWG files which contain XREF's, it would be great if VW could import the XREF's also at the correct location. It would also be nice if the Pen Sizes fonts etc could also be recognized from the Plot Styles table etc which can be kept in an individual VW folder as they are recieved by regular clients. In short, the DWG is opened close to perfect as the original.
  7. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a 3D modelling package that needs to convert elevations to lines to edit them. They need to look right with hidden line rendering especially with inevitible changes by the client.
  8. I need an easier way to create Gutters, Cornices, Brick Corbelling and other finishing touches to a 3D model. I am using Extrude along paths at the moment with a simple polyline shape but that becomes very difficicult (time consuming) to edit when the building needs to be changed. Is there any way to constrain these items to the walls or roof ? When an extrude along path is created, the path object needs to be edited separately as a nurbs curve. These are alot harder to edit than a simple 2D polyline path. The roof path can be modified without making the other objects invisible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I too would like to make the jump simply from the experience it would provide me. I have tried once before but got a bit caught up in what seemed to complicated. Vectorscript is nice in that it's built in and code can be tested straight away.
  10. This may be a bit overboard - wouldn't it be cool if all the objects in our drawing utlilized anti-aliasing so it always looks like what we will print on paper ? I know this will probably slow the CPU right down so maybe this could wait for faster hardware.
  11. You read our minds, I was about to post that one, great idea - I would like that too. Text attributes in classes.
  12. Importing DWG's are fine at the moment, EXCEPT when they contain XREF's. How about an import option which gives us a choice to attach (and BIND) these files in the correct location when we import the main file.
  13. I know this sounds AUTOCADDISH but what would be great is if the user was able to quickly snap to certain parts of objects with a keystroke or a menu. Sometimes it can be annoying when a line is so long that it's hard to quickly find the centre of it without zooming right out same with complicated polygons without drawing a few guides to find it.
  14. Something that's annoyed me since Minicad has been dashes. When you apply a dash style to a line, the start of the line is ok, but unless your lucky the end of the line has a short dash or just white space to the end of the line. A great improvment would be an overhaul of the dash styles making them elastic with better dialogue control to set them up. Most other CAD's allow this and it is considered standard drawing practice. One other thing is text style, it would be great if once a text object is selected, all the attributes for it are displayed and can be controlled by the object info pallete (font, size, justification, style etc) instead of navigating through several menu's to find it out. It would also be nice if when panning our drawing we can see the whole lot as we move the mouse. At the moment, whatever was off the screen shows as nothing until we un-click the mouse
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