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  1. Try sending the parent object to the back first then select closest point. I have also been trying something similar to this but it gets tricky when both PIO's use the same code - therefore when one finds it's child object the child object becomes the parent and thus finds the original parent (confusing i know) what needs to be done in this case is somehow setting a flag on each object (like an invisible field) to say that it's been done. Please let me know if this helps, it might help my tool along.

  2. How about being able to edit the Viewport Crop similar to the new revision cloud - i.e with the 2D reshape tool. This will save the need to enter the viewport to simply resize it slightly. Being able to enter it to edit the viewport is still however needed for cutting holes etc. But this extra option would be great.

  3. Does anyone know how to find the intersection of two linear plug-in objects and placing say a locus at the intersection point and when either of the objects is moved the locus is update. So far I have linelineintersect() but the problem i'm find with linear objects is that everything is relative to the start of the line and not the drawing.

  4. Does anyone know how to move the drawing rectangle, I'm writing a script to print window, I have set the drawing rectangle using getrect() but it only sizes it to the centre of the current drawing frame

  5. When printing A1 on our KIP printer from the A0 roll (Landscape) it prints sometimes correctly but more often than not it prints sideways leaving room on the top to trim. This only seems to happen with VW11 and seems to be fine with VW9

  6. Since this has happened since the minicad days, I have obbsessively had my fingers close to the 'command'+'s' keys, I probably save once every 30 seconds. I agree this needs to be fixed. How about like a database such as filemaker where once an entry is made it is written straight to the file rather than having to manually save ?

  7. When editing worksheets with small text (say 6 points) it is quite difficult to read it (unless you're in that cell and the text is on the edit bar). A simple zoom button will be good for this (similar to excel). Perhaps another thing could be to edit the text in the cell which would be possible with zoom control.

    Also, when right clicking on the row or column headers, more options would be great like formatting text etc. To put it quite simply, let's make worksheets just like excel. Merge text, find cell etc, all those cool things. P.S has anyone seen Autocad's attempt at worksheets (excuse the language but it's piss poor)

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