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  1. Found this new video from Sketchup in my inbox this morning. My first exposure to what this tool appears to offer. Marshall
  2. Greetings, A slight variation to this question ..... I created a viewport from a simple design layer plan of a bathroom. FWIW, the DL plan incuded some walls and several symbols for a window, toilet, sink and a cabinet. No dimensions, should this matter. As I attempted to create the VP, I was asked whether I wished to create a new sheet layer, which I did. Everything is fine. I switch to the new SL and try to change the VP view from top plan to an isometric view and nothing shows up. Switch back to a top plan view and it reappears. Even an attempt to a side view doesn't appear. I thought once you'd created a VP, you could select various views at will once in the VP? Do I need to select the view I want in the DL and I'm stuck with that when I create a VP? Could this be a design/screen view issue? Marshall
  3. Christiaan, That was it exactly. I'd moved off of NONE class somehow. Thanks, Marshall
  4. Greetings, I opened a file last night to make changes to a sheet layer. Opened annotations and deleted some unwanted lines. But when I drew any new lines using the line tool, they all have an arrow on one end, as if I'm dimensioning. And they're blue, which is changeable in attributes. Any idea how to turn these off? Thanks,
  5. Jonathan, That's the ticket. I be rollin now. Marshall
  6. Can I only have one copy of VW Plants in my user folder?
  7. OK. If I open FMP and ask to open an existing file in the plant database folder in my user folder it finds nothing. Where is the .fmp file located?
  8. Just updated my profile in case it changes your advice on how to proceed. Thanks, Marshall
  9. Could someone explain how I can make a copy of the plant database (PD) and then use the copy in my user folder? I have a user folder. I created it with user preferences. I created a copy of the PD in my PD folder and in the VW Plants folder. Should I delete the original copy? It is located in the VW Plants folder. Can I only have one PD file in my user folder? When I select Choose VW Plants only my userfolder is noted. Nothing there or under worksgroups noting my copy. Wrong setup? Where should my copy be - in the PD or VW Plants folder? When I select VW Plant Database, the filename at the top of the page is VW Plants and not Marshalls VW Plants. So I assume it is linking to the original file? I'd like to make my changes to the new file in my user folder and leave the copy of the original untouched. How do I do this? Is there a way to keep both in the user folder and control to which one I link to? Thanks for the help. Marshall
  10. Sorry. Thought I'd added that to my profile. Landmark. Can I actually make a FMP copy of the plant database? All I appear to get access to are Runtime and txt files. I'd like to copy the database in FMP, modify or add another layout to that copy, and add that revised plant database to my user folder. Can I do that or is the DB locked for propietary reasons and can't be copied? Thanks, Marshall
  11. Greetings, I have FMP and would like to modify the US plant form to include some additional information on maintenance, plant care, etc. I realize that I'll have to add additional records in the db, link them to the forms, etc., etc. But the actual number of plants that I regularly/irregularly use is relatively small so this task should be doable. But to start I need to access the plant database. But I can't seem to open it. Is is locked somehow or in a form that can't be opened? Can I modify the plant database and update its forms to suit me? Do I need to export to Excel and reimport. Is there a primer somewhere on this? Marshall
  12. Greetings, Continuing the font discussion. When I select "font" in VW, I get the entire list of Windows fonts to choose from. An entire page of them. These appear to also include all the non-English fonts that I've turned off in Windows; yet they continue to show up with lots of others that I will never use. Is there some way to limit this page in VW to include a smaller subset to make it faster to zero in on what I need? Marshall
  13. Sonny, Thanks. Do you happen to know whether teckton may be a font only provided in Architect? I have 2011 Landmark and don't see it. I do have 2012 but haven't loaded it yet. I wonder whether it is in 2012 Landmark? Marshall
  14. Thanks Peter. BTW, in reviewing my original post, I noted I'd forgotten to say how great your sections looked. Thanks again, Marshall
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