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  1. I have a building document and I know the stair meterage of the room and the stairs, but I was just wondering if there was a setting on vectorworks if I don't know the meterage of each side of the polygon?
  2. I'm a design student at university, and I'm drawing over plans, and I don't know how to draw these walls, could anyone advice the setting I could use?
  3. I know they have to be on the same layer, I mean, I want to join the walls listed above in the photo's but I don't know how too - I'm drawing over building plans, but the bit where the wall is a corner (like a triangle) I can't join them together. I don't know how to draw the wall, or which wall join to use? Does that make sense?
  4. Here is my file - it's on the second and third floors, and I think maybe some on the ground? (where ever the wall isn't attached.) Addiction project.vwx
  5. It's the jutty out bits (the triangles which are causing me a nightmare!) Would be SO grateful for any help!
  6. I've scaled my building and now it is off of my page, and I can't seem to move it, and whenever I do move it, it ends up changing the size of the walls, and not moving the actual building itself. Images attatched..
  7. Hi, I don't know if anyone can help, my stairs are coming up as under my floor and the Z is 0, and I have a floor, I don't know where I'm going wrong.
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