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  1. Plug-in Object of VW Architect, VW Landmark, ... un-editable in VW foundation.. but Callouts case, i don't know cause if you must edit it (not more). may use the ungroup command with Plug-in Objects to plain objects.
  2. you probably learn use Reference Plane in VectorWorks. more
  3. by; new file and set page for you, then save as templete with name "default" (may be replace old file) keep in templete folder. (i use pc, but mac i don't sure)
  4. I think, NNA probably check fitback about font and charactor from local user. now. i haven't comment.
  5. Now, i think, dealer in thailand know about it. but my local distributor at singapore. and almost my comments sent to singapore.(sent by thai dealer), i never see fix it. i think because in singapore use english only. (i need you test this problem in your computer by typing symbol charactor(ฑ) into note text field of the note Manager :.... dialog box, and save change database file, then open note Manager :.... dialog box and database file again., it will error) thank you.
  6. after create database by thai language(local text) in the Notes Manager : Callout dialog box. when opens the Notes Manager : Callout dialog box again and choose use this database file. in the Note Text field has problem so text change encode. (same in version 8,9) VectorWorks11.0.1(international version) on Window Me, XP i think you know about it. thank you
  7. you may create link layer from exiting drawing in new Layer. (by include use the 2D projection item) then. set new scale of new Layer for A3 Size. [ 01-19-2005, 12:48 PM: Message edited by: Kong ]
  8. last year, i writed VectorWorks manual by thai language in version 10, it have graphics (Guide Pictures) well. (4 - 4.5 star) now, I need update it for version 11(11.5) by English language. but I can't write english well. here. have any body need write or want partner make guide pictures in your manual? you can download sample Pdf file for look graphic (or guide Picture ) in my book.. (in Zip) http://architoshforums.forest.net/showthread.php?t=639 MY E-mail : K_phasuk@yahoo.com thank you...
  9. When use a local unit by set a custom unit, and select use The Show Unit Mark item. on Ruler is not show local charactors of unit mark(English away). but on display has not a problem. i think, other field (or display)can show a local charactor only... VW11.0.1/Window ME,XP
  10. If the Text to find and replace command can do a lot word (or charactor from type one). well. for easy to type symbol charactor by key words and replace. else i think it will solve problem from GSEmul with GSEmul-J combine (or other problems). example : Text Map to find and replace command. it like Text to find and replace + Plant Database + Name Standard Setup... Browser Text file ... for a lot Text find to replace and for any local charactors can not type an one this in Setting box but it can type in PadNote Option ... same options in Text to find and replace Box ****************************************** Text Styles ... for Easy edit texts on a lot Layer or Sheets and will can spec more fonts in plug-in objects(or dimension lines)., like texture styles by classes. Good luck...
  11. Roof (no Roof face)... Now. you can edit it on more way. - Edit Group command for make a hole by creat 2D polygon overlap a roof plan - Click at Vertex(Point) for edit angle, parameter, and type roof - Edit command in context menu (double click) for edit source (base roof)... "not sure" - Ungroup command for convert to roof faces - insert a window symbol for make a skylight or a roof window - ... i don't know [ 07-20-2004, 05:35 PM: Message edited by: Kong ]
  12. Hello,... Katie Thank you for your answer. "i miss Mr. Mark Fiorucci" [ 06-14-2004, 04:15 PM: Message edited by: Kong ]
  13. - The True Type To Polyline Command (in Text Menu) can not use with a Local Language Font(or Text) and a symbol character. - Creation a plug-in can not assign by a local language name.(not important. but, why can not???) ** And, i think VW probably have the Creation text box same the ractagle tool or other tool.(i did lazy zoom in for insert a text.)**
  14. again Thai Text Error problem-2, it is big image i can not repost but in 24 hour it may show (it is in www.geocities.com)
  15. in the command New Resource in ... if Name file is thai Language(un English)Error. ** same WorkingPlane Box in Version 8,9. ** - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Problem thai Text had not fix in VW10.5 . i holp you will fix in next version. Problem-1 Problem-2(Adobe Standard Font) (Adobe Standard Font is .TTF, it use with a graphic program.) i even send by E-mail... (but ) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Win Xp, Win me (i even test) kongkiat phasuk designscape-cad.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - good Luck
  16. What are you want a 3D Object or a Image Prop.. if you want a 3D Object, it had not (in Program) if you want a Image Prop,it had in update v.10.5(a people not sure, but i see a more Prop in v.10.5)
  17. !!! Sorry, i think Picture come in late.. Bye (you does check a value in Data Display, Object info Box, Dimension Line)
  18. hi. you does probable reset in Vectorworks Preference (File Menu) by click Reset button. then restart a machine.. No sure. but it's on simple way.. may get to work.
  19. you can move (or set) the workingplane for fit position view, (you can set the workingPlane in 2 way 1. use the 3D Selection Tool (click origin and drag go to object) 2. use the Set WorksingPlane Tool - First Click at vertex for origin position - drag mouse go to Secound vertex and Click for to set X axis - drag mouse go to third vertex and Click for to set Y axis ) then change a Pland referenece in The workingplane Palette from the ground plane into the working plane, by click the Working Plane button (right bottom)) after. when change view by the View Command (or view mode button of the 3D Selection Tool) display stay a object (or WorkingPlane) (you can save this WorkingPlane by the WorkingPlane Palette (Click Add button) and witch to old Working Plane by click GroundPlane name in the plane List) if you must go to view at this object in more time, you does probably save sheet in this view by the Save sheet.. command (in Page menu) or the save sheet.. button on View bar(Right side) else.. I don't know
  20. Click The Fit to Object buttom(Circle) on view bar ,or the fit to Object command in the Page menu (Clrl+6(Pc)) if had not select object go to fit only object view, but if had select object go to fit one view.
  21. i did often use the double Polygon tool create a primitive way. then use the 2D Reshape tool for edit corner iืnto Arc (or if had a more corner i use the Smooth command(Edit menu)in the Arc type then edit some corner by the 2D Reshape tool)
  22. For Mac can study fromhttp://lrcnt.fas.harvard.edu/Resources/Documentation/accents.htm#mac (but There 've not only Symbol text on show.)
  23. this cause use a Add Solid.. Command for together to One Object (but not one surface). then it will use other tools/Commands or must move a some Surface for space (Between), then you will can use the connect/combine tool.(this ask is not you want) or use Extact Curve tool for create Curve follow Outline Surface, then use the Create from Curves command., but get to unplane surface. (i can't Downloan .Mov file)
  24. For WindowOS (m?) Keystroke Press Alt and Key : 0178 (outpress Alt buttom to Complete).. or use the Character Map app. Start (menu) -> Program -> Accessories -> System ->> Character Map App.(add from Add/Remove setting) Mac i don't know.(may it same with Keystroke) and code may change in font style)
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