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  1. Are you on a Mac? If so, either via a chmod command in terminal (the below example assumes the file is on you Desktop, and is called Model.rvt); cd ~/Desktop chmod 644 Model.rvt Or you can accomplish the same thing via finder - select the file, then Cmd + I (or File > Get Info). Make sure the file is not marked as Locked (checkbox), and in the Sharing & Permissions sections, you should be listed as having Read & Write access to the file. Google can help with more details, but here's a good start for you: http://www.macinstruct.com/node/415
  2. In this instance, it turned out to be a permissions issue with the file. It seems when VW can't open the file for any reason, it reports it as an incompatible file version, rather than presenting a more useful error message. Specifically in this case, the file was Revit 2018. It had been copied via drag & drop out of a VMware Fusion Windows 10 VM to a Mac desktop. In the process, the underlying permissions were somehow set to no access to anyone. A quick chmod 644, and the file opened without a problem.
  3. Hi, Working in 2020 SP2 - trying to import a Revit model (.rvt file), which I believe is a Revit 2018 format file (it certainly claims to be when I open it in Revit 2020 and offers to convert it). When I attempt to import to VW I get an error saying "This version of Revit file is not supported." A colleague is running VW 2018, and can import the file without issue. I can't find any information on which Revit file versions are supported, but it seems odd to me that 2020 would not support a version which 2018 can import? Any insights gratefully received... Thanks!
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