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  1. There may be another way to achieve the Sketchup look using a custom RW background, but 'better' is in the eye of the beholder. There's always Photoshop to create the background but I'm guessing you want to avoid using an external program. Maybe VW will add this type of Image effect in a future release.
  2. Hi James, you can achieve a similar look although not exactly the same by using the soft edge image effect in the OIP. I'm not sure if the attached render is what you're looking for, but this image was achieved with Artistic Renderworks, lines & Shadows and a Blue sky RW background, then soft edges in 'Apply Image Effects'.
  3. I've been creating VR panoramas for quite a while and haven't had many issues until recently. When I render an image and I'm happy with the result and then create a VR panorama with the same settings, the panorama comes out really bright as if the ambient lighting has been turned to 100% (I have tried a lot of settings). I've tried rendering on the cloud and get the same result rendering and saving locally,. the only difference is that rendering locally the resulting Index and aframe.min.js file that is created with it, only displays a white screen in the browser no matter what browser I open the file file in. One other issue I've had in the past before this issue is with creating a panorama with lit fog, the resulting panorama has a ghost image of the lit fog behind the camera position. What has changed with RW that this is now happening? Rivershed v2020.pdf
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