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  1. Everything fine until a couple of days ago, then suddenly VW11.5 runs excruciatingly slowly. But only when logged into the network. When logged in locally the problem goes away! Is there a working folder path (scratch disk?) etc for V.Works? It might be trying to write temp files to a location stored within their profile ? hence over the network If so, can I change the path to a location on C: ?
  2. Thanks for that. I suspected it might be a driver issue. I recall the grief I had setting up a 755CM on a W2K server... I would have thought that somewhere in the print prefs shoud be a simply 'print in foreground/background' tick box.
  3. Spooling is incredibly slow to our new HP800 plotter from V9.5 Is their any way of making this spooling happen 'in the background' so my architects can get on, and don't have to sit waiting for the drawing to spool for ages! thanks Julian
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