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  1. @DanT thanks DanT. We have vectorworks 2020 landmark edition in the office.  I investigated it's SCI function yesterday and it looks like it hasn't progressed any since you looked at it. 

    The SCI fun croon seems to be just a simple vectorscript which inserted a light source at a nominated height. For some reason, when I placed it on a test terrain, it also shone "through" the terrain to hit other facing terrain planes...!?!

    This isn't something substantial enough to add to a report and be able to quantify effects in any meaningful way. 


    I appreciate that you got back to me and wish you all the best.

  2. On 6/23/2017 at 12:21 PM, DanT said:

    I'm looking to migrate towards Vectorworks and having this capability could be the deal maker. 


    Can anyone share their experiences of using ZVI/ZTV Viewshed analysis within Vectorworks. What are the strengths/weaknesses etc.


    I'm from the UK and I'm hoping I can use governement aerial LiDAR data which natively comes in a .asc format. Is vectorworks capable of reading this directly, or should I be looking to add a conversion step in there via QGIS or something?



    I don't suppose you ever got a response to this?  I'm currently investigating same.


  3. I'm trying to export a file to dwg format and get an error message advising that there is an ODA Platform error and a dwg is not produced.


    We are just switching over to VectorWorks from AutoCAD so the original drawing was generated in CAD then imported into VectorWorks.  Now I have to export as DWG again so as to share it with other consultants.


    I tried exporting as older DWG files and including referenced files as separate layers instead of separate files.  I still get the same error message.


    Any solves would be appreciated.



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