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  1. JMTLA

    Site Modeling

    After I do this, what step am I supposed to follow in the manual, Importing Source Data from an External File or Adding Source data with 2D Polygons? I tried this with a 2000 DWG file and then followed the steps for the Adding Source Data with 2D Polygons, but no polygons were found. The manual doesn't explain any of this very well. Do I have to have a 2004 DWG, b/c I have Auto CAD 2000 in the office?
  2. JMTLA

    Site Modeling

    Where can I find this "Simplify 3D Polys" command, been looking but I can seem to find it.
  3. JMTLA

    Site Modeling

    I've done the exploding of the Auto CAD file, imported it into VW by selecting 3D only, then went to site model & set the properties and I recieve a misc. error 20,2. Any idea what I'm doing wrong. Thank you for your help.
  4. JMTLA

    Site Modeling

    This is my first time trying to use the site modeling application of landmark. Could someone tell me exactly what type of survey file I need to ask for from the engineers. Does this file type have a specific name that they surveyor would recognize to be able to send to me? Any other tips would be great too. Thanks for your help.
  5. JMTLA

    Plant List Simple

    I followed what you said above and my coordinates are x= -1335.093, y= -1013.151. There is nothing out there in spcae. All of my coordinates for the plants are similar to the above, which doesn't match up with the coordinates of the drawing. I think I'm beginning to pull my hair out. Any more words of wisdom would be great.
  6. JMTLA

    Plant List Simple

    I followed your instructions, and the rogue object has the same layer and type as all my other plants in the planting plan. I have since gone through my plan and deleted then re-entered all the plants that were new since this rogue object has appeared, recalculated and nothing has changed. Is there any other category that I can type into the header to narrow my search more? Thank for your help -Rebecca
  7. I'm having a slight problem with my plant list simple that hopefully someone can help me out with. I recalculated my plant list b/c I added a few new plants to my plan and about half way down the plant list I now have a row that reads: ID 0 Botanical Name Common Name Scheduled Size Notes. I don't know where the plant list is picking this up from or why. Please help. I need it gone. Operating system- MS, Landmark 11.5 -Rebecca
  8. Mike- I'm sorry but you're going to have to be more specific. Do I need to format the column where the remarks are with the correct field from the Object info pallet? I don't see any field that is for 'Remarks' in the object info pallet? What is the scheduled comments for when I define a plant? I thought that would show up in the remarks column on the plant list.
  9. Can anyone please tell me how to have information show up in the remarks column of the Plant List-Simple. I've been typing in the scheduled comments field when I define a plant in the plant catalog, not sure if this is the correct place anyway. Nothing is showing up even when I recalcualte the Plant List. Thanks for the help.
  10. I've just recently had this problem happen to me & I think I read about someone else having this same problem. Here it is, when I'm placing plants with my place plant tool the tool sometimes doesn't work when I click on it, it automatically selects the 2D selection tool (arrow). The only way I can get it to operate again is if I save my file and close VW. I'm using VW Landmark 11.01, with MS OS. Any suggestions. It never happened to me until about 2 weeks ago. Thanks for your help.
  11. Robert- I using a standard 2d symbol that is in my plant catalog.
  12. Hoping that someone could help me out with this topic. I have followed the above instructions for creating a "drift", but when I set the plant style and select no sketch and my plant style is enabled, nothing happens. If I select cloud in the plant style, the result is a drift around my overlapping grouped plants with all the plants showing, no merging is occurring. I'm using MS OS and VWL 11.01. Thanks for the help
  13. How do I do this with an already existing file?
  14. I'm using Landmark, and the problem with the standard sheets is that I can't edit the sheet titles. All the standard sheet titles (landscape plan, schematic site plan, .....) are not the standards that my ofice uses. It was suggested to me that I use the drawing border tool to be able to enter the information that I need. But that is also a problem if my firm name is running over the borders. Any help with this.
  15. I'm using a drawing border from the drawing border tools, the Drawing Border-Arch ConDoc. I would like to know how I can edit the font size and the title of the the designated areas, ie. Consultant. The problem is is that my design firm name is too long and extends past the drawing border. I'm using microsoft OS, VW 10.5. Any suggestions? Can I edit it somewhere in the program files?


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