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  1. hi mSachs; i think you've been bitten by the vw08 2D selection tool. Activate the regular 2D selection tool. In the mode bar at the top of the screen check to see what mode it is in. i **think** you've find the left-hand mode (icon) selected (with the red slashy circle), which is the "disable interactive scaling mode". you want to select the middle icon, the "single object interactive scaling mode". selecting this will allow the cursor to change to the 45 degree "move my label legend component" indicator. hth, shelley Just switch it to symbol insertion mode and you should be back in business.
  2. hi adam; wow, that's a good one. if the symbols look ok prior to the dwg import, then my first suspicion would be the dwg import. i'm guessing that the dwg is importing a class that is somehow the same as a nested object/polygon in your drawing. try this: open your original non-dwg imported drawing. edit one of the symbols that turned black. keep editing, and, as you double-click on each object to get to the next nested level, see if the class remains the same. you may not be going "deep" enough in your symbol editing to see the nested class. all of the polygons in SoftSymbols are in the "none" class. but if an imported dwg had a "none" class that was filled with black, it might achieve the same result as what you're seeing. hth, shelley
  3. hi kneightx; not a bad idea. sort of like alternate workspaces, only for palettes and their relative layout on montors or different documents. sounds good to me. shelley
  4. hi guys; did you get your PAR bars working? i just remembered i built some number of these in the James Thomas object library that's included in SoftSymbols v3. Contact me if you are still looking for solutions. shelley
  5. I'll second that emotion. i use Autoplot for multi-show rep plots, and Autoplot Tools for Spotlight for less complex one-off plots. While Sam's numerous macros save massive amounts of time, the automated import/export macros to/from Lightwright are the next perfect extension to the database capabilities in VectorWorks. for me, in either Autoplot or Spotlight, Sam's macros are a no-brainer. shelley
  6. thanks micheal, <*whew*>. so kevin, if a lighting device (or accessory) is inserted, but it has no data in the lighting type, does that then in turn slow down the drawing every time a subsequent lighting device is inserted? tia, shelley
  7. yikes. was that one of mine? which accessory symbol? shelley
  8. hi michael; wow. sounds like it's time for a copy and paste into a new doc. or a workgroup reference. i have had SL slow down a bit after it gets loaded up, but that's going a bit too far. on the side, that's a pretty hefty document. maybe it's straining your ram? do you have all the lights turned on? are there huge bitmaps lurking in hidden layers? maybe you need to create a "slimmed-down" version of the doc with only the relevant lighting info? just a thought, shelley
  9. Hi Jim; i have donated old computer gear to this organization: www.cristina.org i don't know if it may be of value to you, but when i first encountered the organization, it seemed that there were options for groups to make requests, as well as donations. hth, shelley
  10. Hi Jim; no spoleto for me. i just signed the contract to write the 2nd edition. upon hearing the news, the staff at the bar downstairs broke into applause..... shelley
  11. nicely done david. worked on my plot too. guess i was trying to cut too many corners. shelley
  12. hi folks; i just tripped over this old post. i ran into the same wall, or rather, floor, a couple of months ago. here's what kevin told me: "Draw your rectangle and leave it selected. then from the AEC menu select "Floor..." Give it a thickness and a bottom Z." i don't know if you need a floor for the render to work or not. but after reading your posts and then kevin's note, i realized that you're close. you have to first create the object (rectangle, poly, circle), select it, **then** invoke the floor command. without anything selected, the command will properly be greyed out. hth, shelley
  13. Hello Scott; You pose a good question. i just experimented with a vw08 plot containing a number of label legends with individual text fields shifted from their default constructed position. in my experimentation, david's method of refreshing the single instrument did not succeed in re-setting the text fields placement back to their default position in the label legend. i then typed in a different label legend name in the OIP "use legend" data pane; it did properly change the alignment of the individual texts per my construction (sidelight versus frontlight, for example), but their manually-positioned placement remained intact. Deleting the legend name from the "use legend" data pane eradicated the information, but when i re-entered any label legend name, the text fields reappeared, but still in their manually-positioned places. Duplicating the fixture (and the label legend) only duplicated all aspects of that fixture, including the manually-positioned label legend. Erasing the legend name, and then refreshing, also failed to reset the label legend. i'll continue to experiment, but at the present time, in vw08, my best suggestion is to create an altogether new fixture, with the original default label legend. with luck someone else will solve this puzzle and post a better answer. shelley
  14. hello kristof; the "light info record" is the list of data fields attached to each symbol. if the name and order of the data fields shown in the ADB SH20 fresnels is the **same** as the name and order of the data fields that already exist in the varilite document, then you can either "replace" or "use" the existing light info record. you will not need to re-name the existing light info record. Mr. Linzey, correct me if i'm wrong. hth, shelley
  15. hello nik; i've not run into this problem, so i'm poking in the dark here. is there any possibility that your printing preferences are set for 50%? have you tried opening a new document and creating a new label legend from scratch, and then import that into the quirky one? if you can recreate the anomaly, great. or you may just have a corrupted drawing. regardless you could send the drawing to tech support so they could have a look at it. sadly i don't have that address at hand, but i presume it's somewhere on the site here. hth, shelley
  16. hello michael; if you are not using the small hex as a container for other fields in the label legend, **i think** you can edit and change the shape of the symbol called "hexagon" in the container folder listed in the resource browser. i have re-edited the "circle" so that it is large enough to not be obliterated by text, so **i'm presuming** that the label legend only references to the container title, not the actual shape. good luck, hth, shelley
  17. hi folks; so now i've got all one color of truss (i think). and with michael's help, i have changed the font and font size of the focus points. next question; how do i changed the size (and rotation?) of the focus point surroundy-balloon thing? tia, shelley
  18. hello michael; i just tried as you suggested; when i changed the connection to "none" i got the audio bell "ding! you can't do that! ding!". it reverted to 2'-10". i then discovered that if i uncheck the "highlight" button at the bottom of the OIP **that** turned the red off. i've not printed out so i'm not absolutely covinced this works. now i'm wondering how to change the line weight.... thanks for your help. it got me going to, what i currently think is, a solution. no red, fred. shelley
  19. Hi folks; 2 questions: 1. i created 10' long box truss that is 1' x 1'. then i duplicated and changed the length to 2'-6". the truss is now colored red. same for the 1' long piece. i only have a black & white printer. what do i change so that all box truss is black lines? 2. i created a series of focus points. the letter in the focus point is too small. where do i change the font size and possibly font as well? tia, shelley
  20. Hi folks; i just completed converting SoftSymbols from vw12 to vw08. as i understand it, the difference in the light info record between the two is the addition of three new data panes; a second "beam" pane, a second "field" pane, and a "num channel" pane. if you're not rendering or showing beams you need not be concerned. if you are attempting either of those tasks with a circular cone of light, you need not be concerned. if you're rendering or showing beam of elliptical light (par) then you need to re-enter beam & field info, one b&f for each axis. the "num channel" is to list number of channels for multiple-channel devices (movers, mixers) in the future. hth, shelley
  21. hi folks; i just got caught up and have installed vw08. when i cracked the box, though, i discovered there was no printed manual. a quick call to sales informed me that only new users get printed manuals, not upgraders. the fundamentals manual (i think) is in the additiional documentation folder (775 pages), and the spotlight is specifically referenced in the Design_Series_2008.pdf. is there another pdf/cheatsheet that shows what is **new** in vw08 spotlight? TIA, shelley
  22. Hello Alok; i'm just catching up on threads. i just had a similar experience with label legends; my variation was that, though i had a unit number in the label legend, and selecting the text confirmed it was in the proper class, i still could not get the unit number to show up in the unit, even after refreshing. my friend david elliott figured out that i needed to edit the label legend. after opening the 2d edit symbol window, i then selected All (command-A on mac). several blank and otherwise hidden texts and objects showed up. once i deleted all of them, exited the edit symbol window, and refreshed the instrument, it was all better. you may find that there were two texts identified as "label-color" (one of them blank or hidden?). or you may need to edit the label, reselect the color and channel, and make certain they are both in their proper class (?). hth, shelley
  23. hi folks; coming into this a little late. i ran into some number of import and export troubles as well, although i admit i was doing some pretty whacked stuff (dealing with repertory shows in single lightwright file, etc). i discovered that if i used sam jones' autoplot tools for spotlight that my problems completely went away. if you've not taken the opportunity to examine sam's stuff (www.autoplotvw.com) i highly suggest you do so. spotlight is a great program in some ways, but other external developers, including sam and josh bengiat, have added enhancements that really make the program sing. hth, shelley
  24. thanks. right, i remember that now. i tried to pick an orange for some time, but none of my efforts resulted in a "fluorescent" pop. is there a fluorescent color chart in vectorworks format out there somewhere that i could import from? thanks for the help. good to jog the rusty synapses.
  25. greetings; i find myself, for the first time, trying to create a color. speficially, a fluorescent orange. since i don't own a color printer this is new turf for me. i've looked through the fundamentals book and played with the menus, but i need help. is there a location to see alternative color palettes rather than the default shown in the vw12 document? or is there a number i should be typing in somewhere? thanks in advance for any assistance.
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