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  1. I work on a network with pc servers and mac, pc workstations. All using vw 10.5.1. The g4 macs are running os 9.2 and the g5 macs are running os 10.3. The issue is file extensions. Seems that file sharing between the macs now requires a file extension (.mcd). This is not a problem but why won't vw recognize its' own files without the extension?
  2. In my opinion, wait for the next revision. Issues with the compiler may cause an element to render and not be invisible. Note that this is a random event and may or may not be the same element every time you render. My designers tell me that this can be solved by converting an object to nurbs. This is ok with them, because they are more concerned with renderings and like the batch rendering command. Converting our whole library to nurbs to correct a VW glitch would not be an option. You could, on a per drawing basis, symbol to group/ convert to nurbs as our designers do but, that's up to you. Sorry for the rambling reply but, I've been using this product since minicad 4 and this version of VW could have waited until the bugs were gone. Please read the other posts on this board, a lot of good info to be found. Good Luck, jangle
  3. does'nt seam to matter. I have the same lag time (30-40 seconds) regardless of file location or size. hope you can help. Thanks jangle
  4. I am using vectorworks v10.1.2 on a mac g4. When I close drawings, there is a delay of about 30 seconds before I can do anything else. This does'nt happen with v9 or v7. Thanks in advance. jangle
  5. yes, the disappearing elements are extrudes. when do you expect the next release?
  6. I'm using VW 10 with symbol libraries created in VW 9 saved as VW 10. Everything is fine except random elements of these symbols will render as wire frame instead of solid. I have checked the elements to be sure they are solid and I have had to resort to re-drawing, but with this is not practical since the problem seems to be inconsistent, in one case counter top on a podium rendered fine, but when duplicated the counter top on the dupe rendered in wire frame. Thanks for any help you can provide. jangle power mac g4 733 mhz mac os 9.2.2 896m ram quicktime 5.0.2 carbon lib 1.6 minicad 7, vw & renderworks 9 & 10
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