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  1. I see this all the time. I often need to "toggle" the classes to get all the walls in a class to change. Very annoying, and it's been that way for a long time.
  2. Here is a screen grab. This view is from the exterior of the wall, brand new file. the window on the left has no trim, the window on the right has trim on the inside.
  3. Alright, here is the situation. I have several window that have interior trim turned on, and no exterior trim. When these windows are rendered in VP were a class override is used to change the wall texture (i.e. in this case I've used a class overrides to show what a different siding would look like in the proposed drawings) a band the size of the interior trim is is visible from an exterior view, this band is in the original texture. The band disappears when I turn off the interior trim. Does anyone else see this behavior? It also shows up when the interior trim is wider than the exterior trim.
  4. I have a kensington mouse w/ scroll wheel which is also a button, how do I set it up to pan? I've made a few unsuccessful attempts so far. I couldn't function very well with out the scroll wheel zoom.
  5. This is how I ran into it. I duplicated an exist VP, then cropped and enlarged for kitchen detail, and ended up with room names outside of the VP. Not a big deal to delete, I can see where at times it would be an asset as well. The toggle button is a good idea.
  6. Got it. I see now where you explained earlier that hatches would only be visible in section, not elevation, my mistake.
  7. Yeah, I'm on the latest release of VW2008
  8. Hmmm.. I'm sure I'm missing something basic here but I can't get walls to show hatches. I've drawn a wall with components, set the components classes to a hatches, and set at creation. I then made Section VP of the wall, with the show wall components check box on. No hatches showed up. The VW help wasn't much help.
  9. If I crop a viewport that contains annotations (specifically text), the text blocks outside of the crop remain visible, they are not cropped out. Is that the expected behavior?
  10. Oh, I thought you meant the treasure hunt for, say, the lock/unlock object that for some reason isn't in the OIP but in the Modify menu, or my personal favorite, the visibilities of light objects controlled by by the Preferences > Display menu. Now those are some fun treasure hunts.
  11. Currently I give a more descriptive name to the style class, i.e. Style-Pnt-Int Case 1, Style-Pnt-Ext-Trim 1,or Style-Cntop-Stone 1. This makes it obvious what each style class is, as well as giving me more than the 15 choices total for all the plugin objects (PIO) that use style classes. When it's all set up, it works well for me. The problem is that every time VW is updated, I have to go back manually re-edit the PIO's with the vectorscript editor. Now I have a text file with all the PIO's that I use with the style classes with the class names I want and copy and paste. Tools menu > vector script editor > edit the parameters.
  12. Is the user group info based on VW2008? Does any one have any real world, mostly unbiased, feedback on this user group? Thanks Tobias
  13. First render as hidden line, then convert to lines. Hope that's what your looking for.
  14. Tobias


    I've also noticed that the class style doesn't seem to stick in the stair PIO. Not matter what I do, the Treads and riser either revert to None, or some other style class that I haven't set it at. Anyone else notice this? Anyone else using style classes?
  15. The only thing I find confusing is the stack layer option. Is it me or is the wording there a little obtuse?
  16. Is it possible to get a window schedule to out put the R/O width and height as decimal inches (ie 42.5) instead of feet/inches (ie 3' 6 1/2") I'm trying to generated a cut list for trim in Numbers or Excel from a door and window schedule export using the R/O's, but can't get them to agree on units. I guess this is another instance where the metric system shines, eh?
  17. I guess this is a feature request then, more control over what the eydropper can pick up an put down. I've tried the symbols route as well, but had some other issue with that. Perhaps I'll try it again.
  18. Is there a way to get the Eye Dropper tool to just pick up and change the Style Classes of Plug in objects with out changing the other settings of the target PIO? For example 2 windows of different sizes, mullions, etc. I want to move all the style classes from one window to the other without changing the second window's size, mullions or operation. Is this possible?
  19. Thanks for the info. I guess buying the best system I can stomach is good advice. If I do that it may pay off by being a more viable machine for a longer stretch. Would manipulating a model rendered in Open GL or wireframe would be smother/faster with a better graphics card?
  20. I'm considering buying a new macpro and retiring my 6+ year old G4, and trying to weigh my options. I'm currently using VW2008 Architect w/ Renderworks. Does VW or RW take advantage of multiple cores (multithreading)? Would there be an advantage to the GeForce 8800 GT (512mb) vid card over a ATI Radeon HT 2600 XT(256mb) card? I could get the 4 core, base graphic card, or spend more and get an 8-core with an upgraded card, but don't see the point if I'm not going to use the extra oomph...?
  21. What would work better for more descriptive class styles? Perhaps a database solution similar to how the notes work? The user could have different sets for different pio's and consistency across similar pio's. Also, they could be easily updatable across upgrades.
  22. I just upgraded to VW 2008, and am curious about how people are using style. In previous versions, I have edited the vs plugins to give the styles a more descriptive name (i.e. Paint-Int Case 1 instead of just Style-1). Needless to say this was a lot of work, and I'm not wild about doing it all over again, but it worked well for me. What do others do? Another option I've thought of is just having a standard list, and try to use Style-1 for exterior trim, style-2 is always siding, etc.
  23. Lucas Turn on "Show Top Tread" in the stair tool. Tobias
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