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  1. Both of the DLVP will go with SLVP class overrides. So if you have 2 DLVPs that are identical you can give them a different look (from each other) on a design layer, but not when you port them into a SLVP. As an aside, I think I found a bug. If you take a circle with a solid fill (controlled by a class), and make a DLVP or SLVP of it. Then override the class in the VP with a hatch, what do you get? I don't get a hatch, I get a pattern.
  2. I see the logic to the SLVP being the final control to graphical attributes. I guess I am getting a little muddled by what gets controlled where. I am however, a novice and I'm sure a lot of my problems lie with lack of experience. Getting plans ready to be printed is by far the most unpleasant part of the design process, in my opinion. (Plus dealing with the printers themselves can be... frustrating.)
  3. I'm confused about the way that design layer viewport and sheet layer viewports are designed to work together. Here is my situation, I have a DLVP on the site layer, and I have adjusted the class visibilities and opacity to get the DLVP to show the info I want on that layer. I then created a SLVP of that layer, and all the classes in the DLVP are now reflecting the class visibilities of the SLVP, but the opacities set in the DLVP. Confused? I am. It seems to me that the default should be for a DLVP to retain it's visual properties when it is use in a SLVP on a sheet layer. There should be an option to either retain it's properties, or use the the SLVP's. Anyone else confused by this, or am I just approaching this in the wrong way?
  4. Agreed, having the data in a format that was recognized industry wide would be crucial. Isn't that what BIM is about?
  5. I'm sure this has been brought up before, but the ability to import a texture into the document from elsewhere while in the "edit class" dialogue box would a big help, to me anyway. I can't count the number of times I've gone to texture a class, realized I didn't have the proper texture in the document yet and had to cancel the edit to go to the Resource Browser. Usually, I even cancel out of the particular class, try to go to the Resource Browser, realize I have to cancel out of the "Classes" menu, go back to the resource browser, get the texture and then have to navigate all the way back to edit the class I was in a moment ago. I know it all could be avoided if I made sure I had the texture I wanted, but I still do this frequently (in fact, moments ago)
  6. Making VW multi-threaded would be a huge improvement, in my opinion. Also making radiosity mode multi threaded would be a good step. I wish for them.....
  7. Being able to use info from a VW model (or better yet, from within VW) seamlessly into HEED (or a non platform specific program like HEED) would be great. Good for NNA, good for designers, and good for the client.
  8. The view manager seemed like it could be more useful than/provide augmentation to the Navigation palette. Being able to view and change all visibilities, etc. from one place I think could be extremely handy.
  9. The View Pack looks pretty useful as well. Does it/will it work with VW2008?
  10. As a single user, I'm thinking of using WGR to model several "options" from the same existing structure. That is, I'll create an "existing" model of a residence, and then WGR that model into several files each with different variations on the existing structure. Does any one else work this way? I've always crammed everything into the same file, but that can get unwieldy quickly.
  11. Still having this issue with VW 2008 SP3. This should be automatic. The fact that I have to go around the drawing and manually frig with some walls to take the class texture defeats the whole purpose of using the class textures. This has been an issue for a very long time.
  12. Hmm.. seems to have fixed itself on a restart... very good. Sorry for the waste of bandwidth!
  13. No nudge on sheet layers any more? I used to be able to nuge VP's around to place them where I wanted them, but no more?
  14. Just so happens a Free apprenticeship just opened up at work. Underpinning a foundation. It is dirty, swetty, concretey but oh so glorious work. I'll see you all @ 7:00? I built a house once were the designer put the unit dimensions in the spot for the R/O's. I believe he was a miniCAD user, too. Oops. Now I recheck all the RO's from the factory specs, especial when I did the drawing.
  15. Yes this is a huge pita, especially considering that r/o are such a key piece of info. I've taken to adding my own columns for ROs and hiding the VW generated ones. This method is prone to errors. I'd love to find a better way, as well.
  16. Yes I have that problem, and some others that all have to do with windows, trim and textures. See this post here: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=21944&Number=102399#Post102399 It's times like these that it would be helpful to be able to get some sort of report from Nemetschek to the effect of, this is a known bug, we are on it. Instead people waste their valuable time wondering if they are doing things incorrectly. Frustrating.
  17. I think there is. If you go to View>Navigation Panel>Layers the layers panel opens in the side bar, from there click the option drop down >Flatten Layers That might do it?
  18. Agreed, I don't want a bunch of time spent on this but how about acknowledgement that I and others have taken the time to submit a bug report so they can improve the commercial software?
  19. How about a list of known issues, or at least confirmation that bugs that we submit are received and acknowledged? Would a bug tracker like bugzilla be to much to ask for?
  20. Probably easy enough to delete the unwanted cutout (as per mike m oz's hint), and then paste in place the cut out at the size and location you want? You may be able to use the 2d reshape tool on the original object when the roof is in edit group?
  21. I agree, Islandmon is always a help, learned much from his posts, and even more when he posts a file and you can see how he sets up a VW project, very very helpful.
  22. I've been playing with the Artlantis demo for a few days. I haven't had much time to throw at it yet, though. I've also been playing with Cinema 4D. Do you prefer Artlantis over that program for architectural renderings and walkthroughs? The examples of what both can do are amazing.
  23. I see this a lot as well, as you describe. Another issue I have is VW2008 doesn't always like to go to the backround. If I set up a long render or an animation or radiosity, and then want to work in another app, I have trouble getting the other app to come to the foreground. So, not only does VW not take advantage of the multicore processors, it makes it difficult for me to take advantage of them by using a different program whilst I wait for VW. It is the only app I have that is processor-intensive and acts this way.
  24. I believe you just need a dvi to dvi cable. Might have even come with the display? I had 2 monitors on an even older G4 with an ATI card and it worked fine for a 20" and 22" dell monitors. The monitors have both DVI and AGP connections, and the pict looks like a DVI, so DVI to DVI will do it.
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