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  1. I don't have much Artlantis experience (perhaps some else will chime in?) But i've had better luck with Artlantis and C4D if I create a layer with layer links of the model, and export that. That way all the layers end up at the proper positions in Artlantis. I've also found that if you use the "class" export option, and you have a model that has the classes set up well, it works as expected. Sounds like you need a glazing class and a widow trim class...?
  2. Tobias

    VW 2009

    What are the upgrade fees like?
  3. Add a flip text to chain dimension, like the standard dimension. If you look at the PIO while in the middle of a chain dimension, flip text is there, but it immediately disappears when you click to finish the chain. Also, add "add dimension" contextual option to the standard dimension tool, converting and existing dimesion to chain would be helpful.
  4. Thanks Pat. I will do that. I edited the foundation (lower walls) with the 3d reshape tool manually. It seems to me that this is a bug. The R/Os are created by inserting the doors in to the Ground floor walls, those lines should not be there.
  5. This did not seem to work for me. I did Fit Walls to Roof > Fit bottom and selected the foundation layer (with the geometry of the cutouts), but the lines are still there in wireframe and render modes.
  6. I have a situation where I have doors that extend below the "bottom plate" of the wall, into the foundation (garage doors). I have notched the foundation walls around the door bottoms, and that works fine. The problem comes from the ground floor walls. They leave a line across the doors at the bottom plate. I've attached a somewhat rude pdf of the problem. Line is there in wireframe (although hard to see) and in open GL and Final Render, but does not show up in Hidden Line. Any one else have this problem, or have a fix?
  7. Tobias


    Sure. These aren't anything special, just what RW kicks out. I included 1 HDRI. There are a bunch of places on the web to get free ones. Be warned that render times will increase if you use an HDRI as environmental lighting. Here is one source: http://smashmethod.deviantart.com/art/High-Res-HDRI-Map-Pack-1-9597501
  8. Why don't wall styles respond to class overrides? I have a design layer with the foundation drawn using 2 wall styles, the footing and the foundation wall. Both walls are in separate classes having a class fill, line and texture. On a sheet layer I would like to show both in plan with the foundation a solid line, solid white fill, and the footing shown with no fill and a dashed line. I can't get class overrides in the VP to have any effect on the look of the walls. I thought this was at the heart of the 'draw it once' methodology of VW2008?
  9. If you all that have the SpaceNavigator, have a look at the new Cinema 4D R11 demo (free download @ http://www.maxon.net/pages/download/downloads_e.html ) Play with that for a while. There are some sample files, etc. That is how this mouse is supposed to function. Very impressive and smooth. Hopefully VW will get there?
  10. Wow, this fixed a problem I was having with a file where object wouldn't take a fill. I had inadvertently check the use layer colors option. Now all is back to normal. Thanks all Tobias
  11. I agree with RonMan. I have the 2x 2.88 (8-core) and like it a lot. The rendering times are great (except radiosity which is single core only). I have the ATI 2600 with 2 displays (3, RonMan?, do you need to climb up over them to get to your desk?), and it is okay, and may upgrade that as better cards become available. I thought about the older macpro, but at the rate I replace hardware (I had my last computer for 8 years) I figured getting out on the bleeding edge when I bought was a good move over the long term.
  12. I don't know if this will help, I'd do it to a copy of the window PIO first. Go to the Vectorscript plugin editor Go to Window > strings > misc. strings and hit edit. the classes are in there. I don't know what it will do if you change those, so proceed at your own risk.
  13. I have a .vwx file that suddenly object won't take a solid color fill, (won't change from white)and the line won't take a color. I can use hatch, pattern, gradient and image normally, but not solid, and no other line color but black. If I open a new file everything works as expected. So... am I screwed or is there possibly some setting somewhere that I toggled? (Of course this happened when I was trying to "finish off" a drawing with many hours into it). I know I could revert to an old copy, but then..... you know.
  14. Tobias


    Here are 2 RW made. Never saw this option until I read this thread. Can you set environment lighting using HDRI's with the student edition? I've gotten some good results with that.
  15. I may be confused about how the SLVP class overrides are supposed to work, but I can't get them to work as I would expect. I want to be able to override the fill and line of 2 wall styles in the VP to create a solid outlined line foundation wall with the footing shown with a dotted outline below. (The foundation wall is a wall style in one class, the footing is a wall style in another class) I had no luck using Class overrides to do this, the closest I could come was to turn the fill off by turning off the wall component class. (Sorry if this isn't the clearest explanation, its been a long day) -Tobias
  16. I think I have seen this requested before, but worksheets that could be scaled/ rotated, flipped and generally manipulated on the drawing would be a big help.
  17. VW only accesses one core, period. It is not multi-processor aware. Nothing to do with my particular set up. Using C4D all 8 cores ramp up and all ram is utilized, so I know every thing is working on my end.
  18. Tobias


    In the resource browser find the line "resources" click on the small arrow (drop down menu) select renderworks backround.... That opens the dialog
  19. Thanks for the tip Islandmon. I tried to make sure I got compatible stuff (I did not go the absolute cheapest route, but I have found Apples prices to be ridiculous, particularly on ram. No problem so far. I can live with VW2008 not being multicore but radiosity? Come on, why is that render mode only using 1 core? It makes those modes a bit unusable for me, which is unfortunate.
  20. I have a current model 2x 2.8 ghz MacPro (8 Core) with the ATI 2600HD and 6 gigs of ram. It was a huge upgrade from what I moved up from, but as far as VW2008 the app itself only runs on 1-core, and can only access 3 gb (?) of RAM I think. RenderWorks uses more cores, but Radiosity doesn't. But hopefully that will change. So far I found it pretty stable, and am happy about the purchase. I bought the base model from apple and the got hardrives and ram 3rd party.
  21. From the Organization palette (opens when you hit the layers or class icon next to the respective drop down)in the upper right corner there is a radio button for "Details" (the default) and "visibilities" Toggle the visibilities, I think that is what you are looking for. -Tobias
  22. I wish you could select the wall style that you wanted from the "Objects from polyline..." -> Walls dialog. It is a bit PITA to have to go back to the wall tool and select it from there.
  23. Click on the arc. Turn the fill to "none" on the attributes pallet. Done.
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