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  1. A good and simple improvement for roof faces would be the ability to lock one input in the eaves dialogue. I.e. if I have the eaves set to double, I'd like to be able to lock Vertical length (or horizontal). As it works now, if the roof pitch is changed, the vertical/horizontal values change and I need to manual change the value back to what I want.
  2. David, I did edit the criteria to get space objects in. I then realized that I needed to use your method with unclosed polgons to get the exterior wall measurements to be accurate. I will check out the new worksheets. Thanks for all your efforts. -Tobias
  3. So.. is there a way to get the gross area of a roof object into a worksheet (preferably in VW 2008, I cannot upgrade at this time)? I can't seem to work it out. Any help would be appreciated. -Tobias
  4. Jeffery, Thank you for your response. I don't however think I need to query the length of a nurbs curve, or extrude along path (although I can see that that would be useful as well.) I just want to get the ∆X,∆Y and ∆Z as they show up in the PIO of a simple extrude. Or are we saying the same thing?
  5. Bill, that is a nice render. How did you do the grass? It looks like it has some actual 'z' dimension to it. Good work!
  6. I am having trouble getting the sq ft of the roofs in my model into a worksheet. The 'Area' function works for 'Roof Face' objects, but not for the 'Roof' objects created by the 'Create Roof...' command. I get the proper sq ft numbers for 'Roof Faces', but I get 0 Sq Ft for all 'Roof' objects. If I use the 'SurfaceArea' function, I get Sq Ft numbers for all 6 sides (Top, Bottom,Sides) of both the Roof Faces and Roof objects. Is there a way to solve this?
  7. Seems to work with space objects as well. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. -Tobias
  8. If you create a simple extrude, say a rectangle 24 units x 12 units and extrude it to 6 units, the PIO will list delta X = 24, delta Y = 12 and extrusion =6. Those values remain consistent no matter how the extrude is oriented on the page. They will also update if you change the size of the extrusion. I want to get those values into a worksheet.
  9. Pat, Thanks for all your help, I am now able to get some useful worksheets happening. I am going to mess around with'if' tonight. Jeffrey, I will submit a bug report if you tell me how to get an extrudes height,width and thickness into a worksheet, or at least respond to the question.
  10. Pat, Can't seem to get 'if' to work. I think your first suggestion will work better anyway. Could be the late hour... I did however notice some odd behavior. When VW calculates net square footage, it will subtract such things as base cabinets from the gross wall area, if the cabinet is inserted in the wall. (I usually don't put them in the walls, but sometimes they slip in anyway) I notice this because VW was giving me some negative net square foot numbers for some walls, which is impossible in real life. The file illustrates the behavior.
  11. Pat, thank you for the quick response and the assistance. The "if" syntax is what I was looking for. Do you have any idea how I can call up the length and width of extrudes? Problem outlined here: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=24006&Number=112773#Post112773
  12. I have a novice question (I think). I have set up a worksheet that lists my exterior walls and the gross square feet, and the sq foot pricing for the different types (cool). I would like to have all the walls of the same class listed in a single worksheet, but have them broken up by floor (layers). This is easy enough using =layer, but I would like to have the floor listed in plainer language than I use for my layers, for example instead of listing it as my layer "Mod-Floor-1", I would like it to read as "1st Floor" I hoping to do this with _if_. Am I on the right track? Thanks for any help. -Tobias
  13. Wall objects don't seem to be easily rotated into place (ie Rake boards) and can't be easily used as soffits. Scripting a PIO is beyond my ability at the moment. How do you even begin that process?
  14. I get that it is not as easy as I had hoped. Seems like it should be simple, since the information I want is right in the OIP when an extrude is selected. Thanks for the help. -Tobias
  15. Nobody knows how to get an extrude's length and width into a worksheet? Or was my previous post a bit confusing? Any help would be appreciated. -Tobias
  16. A flat top plate is a pretty common way for the roof and wall to meet, at least around here for typical wood frame construction. A sloping top plate would be unusual @ the bearing wall. I do agree, however, that some more control as to how VW makes that joint would be nice.
  17. First off, Let me say I am a novice in regards to worksheets. My goal is to create symbols with records attached that represent actual common trimboards sizes. To put it simply, I would create a extrude that measures 11.25"w x 16'L x 3/4" thick for a 1x12x16, and make a symbol out of it, with a record attached to it. I would like to then be able to grab this symbol from my library and manipulate the length to "trim" my model. I would then like to be able to use a worksheet to tell me the individual board lengths, and totals, to create a dynamic updating stock list. I have been able to get this to partially work,but when I use the =WIDTH and =HEIGHT functions to get the actual length of the symbol on the model the formulas give me the delta x and delta y depending on how the symbol is orientated on the page, not the height and width of the symbol. Are there different functions I could be use to accomplish this? I know the information is there somewhere because the PIO displays the height and width correctly. (I attached a screen shot in hopes it would clear things up) -Tobias
  18. Has the relationship of referenced/design layer/sheet layer viewports gotten any improvements in VW '09? It is any clearer what controls what?
  19. If you use the "batch print" option there is a toggle button next to each sheet that switches from b/w to color. Color is the default I think.
  20. Tobias


    Jim, try leaving those field as is (0"), and "none" for the next geometry mapping. Or go the 3ds route. 3Ds might bring in the textures. I'm going to try that right now. Anyway, here is the one I got.
  21. Tobias


    Funny, I just gaffed one off of sketchup's 3d warehouse yesterday, then imported into vw. (File > Import >Import Sketch Up) worked well, just needed to add textures. http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/ Let me know if that doesn't help and I could upload "mine" -Tobias
  22. Is there official news that VW2009/C4D R11 needs an new exchange plugin? I could be waiting for that to upgrad VW ( and C4D)
  23. Wow, I to would be curious about that "currently for windows only" statement. I'd like to know Nemetschek's specific time line on bringing the mac platform in line with the PC before I upgrade..... And what exactly differs?
  24. The '09 spec's are up on the web site http://www.nemetschek.net/
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