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  1. Right you are. Another issue I am having is the C4D file that is created by the "Send to C4D.." command in VW2011 is in an invisible folder (/private/var/folder/MZ/) with a senseless (to me) file name (i.e. TMP_VECTORWORKS_FILE.PbC9xr.c4d). Not that big a deal, except the 'tex' folder, (and a backup folder/file, as I have auto backup set up in C4D) are also created in the hidden folder. So, when I do "save as.." from within C4D and rename/relocate the exported file, the exported .jpg's used in the textures are lost, and I get render errors. I then have to manually locate the 'tex' folder and move it. That is sort of a pain, but also the hidden 'tex' folder, and backup folder will get huge over time, unless you remember to manually delete them from the hidden folder. Not sure if it functions differently on C4D R12?
  2. Just got VW2011 and have been playing with the "Send to Cinema4D..." command. Overall, it seem to be a big step forward, but the objects that are exported into C4D are huge, 25x bigger than they should be. This problem used to be handled within C4D with a user-defined scale factor setting, but now with the native exchange this is side-stepped. There should be a way to set a scale factor in within VW when exporting to C4D. This would need to be user defined as it would be different, depending on the units used. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I am exporting from VW2011 to C4D 11.0
  3. This is a good method, seems like it would keep things straight. You're not using the story pole tool, though (I tried that, couldn't figure it out). So the ruler you are using is a symbol of your own creation, or did it come from somewhere?
  4. Very nice. Care to share the .vwx so we can take it apart and see how you set it up?
  5. Another small interface suggestion: Firstly, in Navigation pallet, the 'sheet layers' tab the sheet title column should remember the width set @ the last session, not revert back to the narrow setting. I have to re-size that column every time. A small nuisance. And the column to select and go to a sheet or layer (the tick box) should be in the same relative position. For layers it is the first column to the left of the layer name, for sheets it is the column on the far left. I find my self constantly clicking in the wrong column to navigate around sheets and layers. Again a small nuisance.
  6. One should be able to set class texture settings for roof/floor sides, bottom and top,not just for over all, like the walls are set up for right, center, left.
  7. I know I need to adjust the scale when I import into C4D. In C4D Edit > Preferences > Import/Export > 3dS Import > Scale Mine's set @ 0.039
  8. Ray, I do have the latest version of VW2010. Vincent, what program did you use to convert the dwg to dxf? Thanks for the help.
  9. I have a dwg file that crashes VW 2010 every time I try to import it. It seems to crash while trying to important at the same point each time. I am on a mac, and have no good way to trouble shoot the problem. Any suggestions?
  10. Option seems to rotate a rectangle, command scales from the center (on a mac) pretty cool, though. gotta learn those keyboard shortcuts....
  11. Yes. The lack of number keypad on my laptop drives me nuts, mostly for views in VW. I would be interested in a view and render palette.
  12. I've wondered, and asked about this as well. The information (w/ extrudes) is in the OIP, but it can't be brought into a worksheet?!?
  13. I'd like to be able to resize worksheets on the sheet and design layers. Give them scalable handles, please.
  14. Yes, please share the worksheets. I liked the black and white renders as well, but did notice those lines where still present between floors (layers)
  15. Yeah. Real time energy modeling info would be huge. A real design advantage and the end product could save $$ for the life of the structure.
  16. I have this problem as well. I think we all do. The problem for me with ratcheting the rounding precision all the way up, is object sizes start to become a little meaningless, i.e. I know from experience how big an 1/8" is, but 27/64"? Not so much. I gave a little chuckle at Wes's renderings here: http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=123217#Post123217 Nice, but whats up with the lines? No one is immune.
  17. Hmm.. The bar has been raised. I know I'd find that capability useful....
  18. Hmmm... Works for me. Create floor object, bottom z= -12", floor thickness = 12" top of floor is at z=0". Maybe you have something in layer heights messing it up?
  19. Christian, I've had that exact same problem. Very disconcerting when it's happening. Gotta draw fast under those conditions!
  20. I recently begun to use the saved views more and they are definitely a good time saver and organizational aid, but I do have some problems with them. When I use them, most of the time they don't go to the saved view accurately the first time. I need to click the view again to get it to work. It seems like the script isn't completing the first time?
  21. Any change in VW 2009? The thing is awesome in Cinema 4D R11, so it has potential, but somewhat useless in VW 2008, at least in my opinion.
  22. Hmmm... Still doesn't work for me. Most likely something that got fixed in VW'09. I'm still on VW'08. That is the look I want, however. Maybe I'll just fake it in VP annotation. Thanks for having a look.
  23. Hello, I am trying to create corner detail for my walls using the component join tool, but am getting unexpected results. Basically I need to join some components of the walls (the internal panels) with caps (no miter), because that is the way they will be joined in really life. For dimensioning and clarity it is important to show how the panel components join. The other components of the wall (ie siding, interior finish) need to be continuous (mitered) to show properly in plan and renderings. I am not able to get the combination of the wall join and component join tools to get this to happen correctly. I have attached a file for clarification.
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