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  1. How about a knowledge base article with a step by step for setting up ODBC with file maker and excel? Certainly would be helpful to me, and some others I believe.
  2. When using 'concat' to bring 2 values into a single cell (r/o height and width, the resulting cells will not format correctly. I will get the database header in the correct format, in this case, dimension, feet and inches, but concated values will be decimal form. Instead of 3'2 1/2"W x 6'10 1/2"H I get: 3.208333W x 6.875H Anyone know a fix for this?
  3. I believe Windoor has some 'stock' schedules that will show both windoor and VW windows and doors in the same schedule.
  4. Yes, help us out NVW. This has huge potential for me and others, but not if it doesn't work.
  5. Brilliant! Thank you Jonathan. That solves some issues for me.
  6. Bump. Also like to be able to rotate them. Please?
  7. I would agree with this as well. For this reason the move to yearly major releases concerns me. It seems like a good working release will not be the outcome of this method. As soon as 2012 is released, no more development of 2011 will happen, and 2012 will introduce a new set of bugs and quirks, and onward.
  8. Indeed you are correct, sir. Thank you. This points to the need (I think) for an interface more like this for the database criterion, making editing them and changing them less of a chore:
  9. Jim, I have done that. What the worksheet is doing is reporting the area of the roof object in total, and also reporting the area for each individual slab that make up that roof object. So, for roof created with the create 'roof object....' command I am getting 2x the area reported on the worksheets. What I ended up doing to make it work (after figuring out what was going on) was unlocking and un-grouping all the roof objects into their individual roof slabs. Getting a tab bit frustrated with being VW's beta tester.
  10. I have a worksheet to calculate the sq ft of roofs for a building. The worksheet looks for both roof objects and roof slabs, because the roof is made up of both roof objects and Slabs. I have found that the worksheet then counts roof objects twice - first the area of the roof object, and then counts the roof slabs again.
  11. No one is experiencing this? It showed up in a completely different file. What a PITA. Also, floor objects tend to disappear when I zoom in in a viewport, another pain. Am I the only one?
  12. Yes. Select the wall tool. In the mode bar, there is a wall style preference box, select that and you will be taken to the wall editing dialogue where you can edit the components and insertion options for the wall. You can also save the wall as a new style.
  13. Peter, are the renderworks textures from VW newer than the ones installed in VW 2011 w/ renderworks?
  14. For a product with small market share, it would seem to me that Nemetschek would want to maximize VW's interoperability with other programs, particularly with 'industry standard' products like DesignBuilder. VW will need to provide a solution to communicate with an industry recognized energy modeler, and preferably one of the user's choice, or fall behind. Energy code changes in my area make this pressing for me. Being able to leverage the information in an accurate 3D model to an energy modeling/analysis program quickly and accurately would allow for real-time evaluation of design strategies (and demonstrate code compliance.) Isn't that what BIM is all about, not semantics about file format?
  15. In that case, Nemestchek should bust out the hose and turn on the water.
  16. Ride, brilliant, even better than window shade. command+I works with the oip as well. A nice simple solution for the limited laptop screen area.
  17. Now a year later. Any improvement/workflow from VW??
  18. Here is the issue I am having now: I have a viewport made up of 3 layers, all containing roof objects (a combination of Roofs and roof slabs. The settings of the viewport are top/plan and wireframe Everything looks as it should as long as the actual design layers are set to Top/Plan and Unified view. If for whatever reason one/all or some of the actual design layers are not in Top/Plan or unified view, the viewport no longer displays correctly. To get the viewport to display correctly, I usually need to navigate to 'Edit Design Layer' from within the viewport. Took me a long time to figure out what was up, and then how to fix it.
  19. This is true, and I do do that, but I often find that it is preferable to have the worksheet in open, edit mode. This way I can easily correct it, highlight the columns or rows I am looking at, ect. Another option would be to export it to a different application (ie excel) but then I would need to be sure the data remains up-to-date, and would need to reformat, etc.
  20. I find it annoying that worksheets (that are open, not placed on a sheet or layer) disappear when you click away from the VW Application. The palettes do the same. I think it would be helpful if this behavior could be user defined. I find that there are a lot of times that I am wanting to look at an open worksheet and have focus on another app at the same time. I know that I can place the worksheet on a sheet layer and have it remain visible, but then I need to go through extra steps to manipulate the data in the worksheet.
  21. Giving up for the moment the much needed direct integration with VW, I am curious what others on this board are using for energy modeling programs right now? I am looking to provide basic trade-off analysis for such things as increased insulation, better windows, glazing areas, etc. Ideally, this would start early in the design process. Allowing me to explain to clients the cost/benefits added insulation, proper site orientation and proper glazing is becoming crucial remaining competitive, as well being able to improve my designs based on more than rule of thumb and intuition. If I'm going to integrate this into my work flow, I would like spend my time doing it with a program that has some industry wide recognition, and outputs data that has value for code officials as well as other energy raters. I am looking at REM/Design and to a lesser extent, HEED and REScheck Thanks for any help, -Tobias
  22. Has anyone gotten ODBC to work w/ VW 2011 and Filemaker?
  23. there is the reference method for classes you want linked to another file but there is also another way that imports just the class definition for when you don't want the class referenced. open the create new class dialogue click the 'import...' navigate to the file were the class you want is located select the class import it, done.
  24. I have had the font problem as well. I have also had client unable to view the exported pdf, and these were client that had no problem with batch export from vw2011, sp1
  25. Hmmm, I get it. Oddly, it seems to be working better now (toggling between a small and large palette.) Previously, i'd hit it expecting the 'window shade' function(yellow, '-' button) and it would re-size to a small and smallerer palette only, and I would have to re-size the palette manually. Surely user error.
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