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  1. Is it possible to show the operation of a casement window with out having VW2012 show the sash actually open? I have included a drawing to illustrate. I don't know if it is regional but here it is more conventional to show a simple arch and a line to show the direction/hinge of a casement window, but the sash remains in the closed position in plan view.

    (Not to mention the hinge operation shown by VW is not accurate to how most casement I am familiar with hinge, as they do not usually hinge from the edge, again this could be regional)

  2. It has been a few years since I bought a computer from Apple, but when I did, the conventional wisdom was to get the tower w/ the processor you wanted from them and all the other bits elsewhere, ie.e ram and hard drives, and possibly graphics card. Save some significant money. But like I say, it's been awhile since I shopped it.

  3. Is it possible to edit the Field names for the User Fields in the window and Door PIO? It would be helpful to be able to define these values for easier data entry. Also, defining being able to modify the data type for the Field Value would be nice as well (i.e. boleen, text,etc.)

    I know that WinDoor can do this,but not sure I am willing any more to shell out additional money as the price of VW rises for something as basic as the window and door plug ins.

    Neither the Window or Door PIO shows up in the Edit Vectorscript.. dialogue.

  4. The framing member seams promising, but again, I am having trouble getting the length of the board. Height and width, no problem, but length? I can query the 'line length' or span but not actual length of a pitched board.

    I also can't figure out how to query the area, so can't use length=volume/area.

    I can get the 'nominal dimension' (i.e. 1" x 12" x 18') which is semi-useful, but that value can't totaled or manipulated. So again, the value I want is right there, (in this case the 18') but I can't bring it in to a worksheet in a useful way.

    I will try extrudes again, but I think it would be faster and more accurate to 'trim' a house w/ framing member tool, as it has miter settings, and pitch and bevel cuts.

  5. Why add the step of turn the doors/windows into a symbol? I usually place a door, get it to where I want it with class, schedule, other settings, and duplicate it as I need, changing the mark and sizes as needed. The problem arises when you want to change something on every window or door. Having to manually select each one to make changes is tedious. The worksheets can help with that. Worksheets are also a good way to make sure all settings are consistent.

  6. I have tried the symbol technique as well, but it has a few quirks that keep me from adopting. The door or window Mark (ID number, ie W 101) has to be the same for all the instances of the symbol, and other schedule data, (i.e. location,glazing) can't be modified on individual symbols without altering all the instances.

    I prefer to have every door or window have it's own unique mark, and like to be able to note location, of each window and door. This is particularly useful (for me) with windows where location (N/S/W/E) effects energy calcs and glazing choices. Generally my projects are small enough that the larger file size is a non-issue.

  7. I am curious as to how people are doing detail drawings of the various membranes (i.e. air barrier, water barrier, etc.) where the relative size of the membranes is exaggerated for clarity. I've been working on it but can't quite get the "look" I want, and it is time consuming, so I am wondering if the is some obvious tips or tricks I am missing.

  8. Hello I am having a problem with a file in VW Renderworks. The file is showing no textures in open gl mode. Final quality seems fine. If I open a new, clean file open gl seems to work as expected. Is there a fix for this?


  9. Peter, Not sure if this will help, but I have begun placing worksheets onto design layers, and then onto sheet layers using viewports. By doing this, one can scale the size of the viewport and get more control of the sizes of the worksheets. Adds some steps, but easier than trying to re-size columns to make worksheets fit to a sheet layer. (Tip courtesy of Jonathan Pickup)

    I would also like to see some ways people are using filemaker, I can see some good possibilities with VW/filemaker combination

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