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  1. Hey, thanks. I get it. I should set up a saved sheet with the settings I like to draw in, and switch back to that one when I'm drawing.
  2. I'm using vw 10.1.2 on OS X.2.6. The problem I'm having is with saved sheets. I have a drawing of a house divided into classes and layers. I'm trying to create saved sheets of various layer /class combinations in order to create useful drawings. (I.e., a site plan where only the slab and the site plan are visible, all walls (a separate class) are shut off. I want to save this as a sheet that I can print, return to at any time. After I've made the necesary choices from the "saved sheet" dialogue box, and then accessed this drawing from the saved sheet menu, I find that the settings that I've made for the save sheet have become global. That is to say, after I save a sheet with the walls (a class) invisible I go to any other layer in the file and all the walls are invisible, and I need to access the class dialoge box and turn the invisibility back on for each layer of the file. Is this the way it is supposed to work, or am I doing something wrong?
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