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  1. Just installed new system (Dual 1.4 1GB RAM OS X 10.2.6) at a clients. VW 10.1.2 randomly quits with an error. Are there any known issues that might cause this behaviour. Does VW quit if the dongle loses power during use of the program? I ask this because I've noticed that the active light on the dongle has not been on a couple of times when I've been on site. Thanks in advance
  2. So if I ditch X-RIP and use a non-postscript driver will I be OK? Or does Vectorworks definitely need Postscript? Many thanks...
  3. I've just upgraded a client from OS 8 G3 to shiny new Dual 1.4 G4, OS X 10.2.6 and Vectorworks 10 with Microspot X-RIP. Output to his HP 430 is different from old system on new G4 - lines are thicker from new setup, although the weights are correct in the Vectorworks file. Old System prints thin hairlines etc, just fine. Fonts etc. are fine on both setups, just the vector objects are incorrect. All resolution settings in driver and Vectorworks are OK. Do you think I have an X-RIP or a Vectorworks problem? Any speedy help would be greatly appreciated, as my client is not wanting to move to his new system due to this flaw. Many thanks in advance.
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