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  1. Hello I have a problem after installing Vision 2021. Apple OS detects Vision as malware. I get prompted with a message, that Vision wants do damage the computer, and I have to move it to the trash can. Does any of you know this problem? It has been working some months ago. Attached is a screenshot. However it is in danish. I am running OSX Catalina 10.15.7 on a MacBook Pro 15" 2018. I have beed uninstalling and reinstalling it. Best from Mathias
  2. Hi Jesse Thanks for your reply. It makes sense! I made a grayscale, not black and white. Now I made a black and white transparency shader. However it stil don't show right in Vision. It seems that the shader imports, but there are no transparency. Can you se any mistakes in my setup? Something is still Best from Mathias
  3. Hello I am working on a show, and experience heavy performance issues. I don't think the file is especially more complex, then what I have been doing earlier. However the file size is 123 mb. Simple tasks, as making a Hidden line viewport, and moving around the file suddenly slows down. As well I can se that it take up a large amount of RAM. At the moment around 26gb. I am running on: Mac book pro 15" 2018 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB I have a referenced file linked. Yesterday I added some schematic views, which felt like slowing the performance even more. Do you have any suggestions about how to performance uptimize, or may there be a bug in the software? Do any of you have any input? Have you experienced the same about schematic views? Best from Mathias
  4. Hello Jesse Thanks for your help. I am struggling to get it to work. Now I made a simple 50% gray, and uses it as transparency. However vision still don't seem to pick it up.
  5. Hello Jesse Thanks a lot for your reply. I am looking through the articles. As i understand it at the moment, I will need to create the texture outside of Vectorworks am I right? When I want to make a 60% transperent screen? I hoped I could make simple textures directly in Vectorworks. Best from Mathias
  6. Hello everyone I am trying to move a model from Vectorworks to vision, to pre program. In the model I have some semi transparent PVC cloth. I do a export to .MVR, and import this file in Vision. However I don't seem to get the transparency in Vision. I attached some screen shots. Do you have a solution for this? Is there any god advice on getting materials to show in Vision? Best from Mathias Vectorworks:
  7. Hi bbudzon and klinzey Thanks a lot for your quick reply. It makes sense, I thought I missed something. I will try that later today 🙂 Best from Mathias
  8. Hello everyone Hope you can help me on this one. I am trying to make some LED screens. But vision seams to duplicate my video input to fill the screen. I made the file in Vectorworks, and exported it as MVR, to get it in to vision. I am sending NDI from Madmapper. I made to outputs here, one for each screen. Both mad mapper outputs has the same resolution as the screen set up in Vectorworks. It seems I am missing some kind of scaling or alignment option? My Vectorworks settings for the screen is here. It is the same situation, when using my webcam in my laptop, as input. Do anyone have experience with this? Best from Mathias
  9. Thanks a lot for your reply! It makes sense 🙂 I am kind of new to vision, and trying to find the best way of importing models, when still working on then in VW. It seems like MVR is the best workflow around this. Do you have any god advice on this? Or any article on it?
  10. Hello again I have an update. Apparently not was the "units in file" setting causing problems. I was matching it to the units in the VW file. When changing it to "mm" instead of "cm" it looks much better. Cheers.
  11. Hello everyone I am running into a strange issue when sending my model from Vectorworks to Vision. It seems my objects ends at space origin. So everything is at 0;0;0. I would like it to be placed at the position in space, as my Vectorworks drawing. My method of importing is: Export to MVR file from Vectorworks. Import MVR file in Vision. Here is how it looks after import: And how it looks In Vectorworks: My esport settings in Vectorworks is: Import settings in Vision is: Do any of you know what I am missing? Hope you can help! Best from Mathias
  12. I am trying to get my head around this. I do understand your point, about the layer, and rotating that. However it seems like the the anchor point stays with the object. Am I right in assuming, that if I want to make an object rotate around its center axes, I should import it at the 0;0;0 origin, and move it in vision, instead of Vector Works?
  13. Hi bbudzon Thanks a lot for your great reply. I get your point, it makes sense. I will try your workaround 🙂 Best from Mathias
  14. Hello everyone I am working on a show, where we want to pre visualise a lot of stage element movements. They go on every axes, and rotate. My problem is, the rotation. Is it possible to change the anchor point of a object in Vision? It seems as it takes the 0;0;0 coordinate as default anchor point as default. Best from Mathias
  15. Hi Rob Thanks a lot for your reply! Looking forward to this 🙂 Best from Mathias
  16. Hi Guys Do anyone have this symbol? Ulrik, did you find it? Best from Mathias
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