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  1. Hi @Mark Eli

    I will share my file with you in your mail. 


    I found out, it changed when turning up the quality in the preferences. 

    It happened a couple of times after that, but after changing the quality up or down all objects came back. 


    I got your point about using layers. For this project we are currently sketching. So making 81 layers every time I import the objects was quite time-consuming. 


  2. Hi all


    Thanks a lot for all your great and inspiring reply!


    Thanks @bbudzon for another great explanation on how to manage in Vision. 

    It seems that I need to pay more attention to materials. 

    I would believe my systems are beefy enough to run in high quality, depending on the amount of fixtures. 


    However I work mostly in stage lighting / theater, but now as well do some museum / installation lighting and trying to find a workflow to fit both needs. Maybe it is impossible. 


    Great point @Wesley Burrows am very happy about your inputs. 

    I have the same experience when rendering in Vectorworks, but as you describe it might very well be my lack of knowledge.


    @EAlexander i have been following your work for some time now! Your work is super inspiring! 

    I have been looking into leaning Cinema 4D. The last couple of weeks I tried a bit in Blender. But the workflow between Vectorworks and blender don't seem as semles as between Wectorworks and cinema 4D. 

    Do you have any experience in that? 


  3. I made more tests. 

    To me it seems like there has been some changes to xForm? 


    When trying to move an object, I t disappears. 

    Have a look at attached screenshots. 


    Here all DMX settings are made, except Delta X / Y / Z. 





    When entering a delta value. The element diapers completely. 




    Do any of you experience the same behavior? 

    And have a solution for this? 

  4. Hi Tom and Jesse


    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    I am a frequent user of Vision, and enjoy doing previs. with it. As well a am a Grand MA user, and bought the viz-key from MA, to be abto to pre-vis when not at my console. 

    However I am not super impressed by the rendering quality, compared to what Renderworks can do. 

    I miss being able to export more photorealistic renders, including the calculation of bounces, and reflections. 


    If it is my lack of knowledge please let me know. 

    However I tend to see people post renders like the ones attached. I struggle a bit on getting the same amount of detail with Vision. 

    I mostly do theater work, and enjoy checking my angles and sketching directly in vectorworks. 


    Best from Mathias 




  5. Hello

    I am having some issues moving Martin Sceptron fixtures with the X form function. 

    I tried a bunch of objects, and fixtures, and they all move fine. However the sceptron 10 don't seem to. 

    For reference, I tested moving my floor, and a Mac Viper. They both move fine. 


    Fixtures are imported via MVR, from Vectorworks. 

    However I also tried to place one directly from the vision library, and had the same problem. 


    I tried to put them into the layers, and move the layer above. But the same issue. 

    Did any of you experience this issue? 


    I attached some screenshots, and my showfile. 

    Best from Mathias



    Screenshot 2022-09-05 100049.png

    Screenshot 2022-09-05 100118.png

    Screenshot 2022-09-05 100348.png

    Screenshot 2022-09-05 100517.png

    Sceptron array.vsn

  6. Hello all 


    I am trying to do some renderings with Entertainment fixtures, moving lights. 

    However I am struggling a bit on getting the right workflow. 


    Is there a way to get different positions, zoom / fokus / color / gobos? 

    I am looking into scenes, but they don't seem to change the positions of the fixtures. 


    How do you work with moving lights, and renderings? 

    All is very appreciated


    Best from Mathias 

  7. Hi @bbudzon

    Thanks for your responce, and sorry for my long responce time. 

    I ended up drawing it again in Vectorworks, instead of using the Sketch up import I got from my set designer. 


    However I am very happy that you looked into it! 

    Thanks a lot! 


    I always transfer my file from Vectorworks to vision via MVR. 

    Primary because of the better quality. 


    Best from Mathias 

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  8. Hi all


    I am having a problem, importing a element of my set design into Vision. 


    It contains multiple symbols, some textures and meshes. 

    The model is imported into Vectorworks from Google sketch up. 


    Every time I try to import, Vision crashes. 

    Do any of you have an ide about what is happening here? 

    Don't vision like to import object symbols, containing other symbols? 


    I am out of ideas 🙂 

    Dollys for support.vwx

  9. Hi @bbudzon

    I have read through the thread here, and i might get the same issue as @ajpen


    My renders makes a black square in the top right conor of the image. 

    Do you think there is a relation? 


    I made my model from a MVR export from Vectorworks. 





    When i go MAX quality, and match my resolution to my monitor, i get this resault: 





    Have you found out moere about the problem? 


    Best from mathias 



  10. Hi. 

    After a clean install of my system, and updating to Vision 2022, i get the popup i wrote about last year. 




    I followed your guide @klinzey but the vision 2022 DMX providers folder looks right, regarding your advice. 

    Here is a screen shot: 



    I am using the same Vectorworks USB dongle as always. 


    Is support for GrandMA2 net removed, or what to choose at the DMX providers dropdown? 

    In this setup i am running from a console, directly connected to the PC, running the visualiser. 


    Hope you can help again.  

    Beat from Mathias 


  11. Hi all

    I am currently trying to build a couple of GDTF fixtures, to work with vision. 

    I will need the animation whell to work. 


    Specifically I am trying to build the Rosco X-Effect. 


    I don’t seem to get any rendering of the animation wheel. 

    Looking and copying settings from other GDTF models, I still don’t get any rendering. 


    After a bit of investigation, looking at other GDTF models, I don’t seem to have luck with any animation wheels in any fixtures. 

    See attached screenshots of the Robe Esprite. It renders gobos fine. Also multiple gobos on top of each other. 


    Has anyone experienced the same? 

    It seems like animation is not yet implemented in Vision / GDTF? 


    I did get the Martin Encore to work, but the model is a “original” vectorworks / vision symbol. 


    Best from Mathias



  12. Hi all 


    I keep running into a situation, not being able to change the symbol name of custom lighting fixtures in the Instrument summary. 

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? 


    I have made a demo file with a custom fixture, drawn completely by me. 

    It works fine, and the name follows the one in my resource manager. 


    However, I tried to copy a S4 36dg. 

    The copy seems to interact with the original, both in the count, and the name. Even after changing names in resource manager, and the symbol name in the OBJ. 


    I guess I am missing a point here. 

    Best from Mathias 






  13. Thanks for a great and clear answer bbudzon! 


    It makes a lot of sense, and I believe you are right, that most often I dont need fixtures to cast shadows. 

    At the moment we are working on the file at a Windows system, with a GTX 3080 graphics card, that does a pretty god job in performance. 

    The screenshots are from my MacBook Pro, that struggles a bit more. 


    However it seems like a god performance upgrade to use objects, and not Objects & Fixtures. 


    It is interesting with the GDTF fixtures, and the edits to come in this area. 

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  14. Yes, it works when I disable shadows. 

    However I usually have a set-design to interact with, so I need shadows. 

    A work around for the JB P18 was to disable shadows for fixtures. This solves the problem to. But since the problem keeps coming up, I hoped to find a better solution, or at least make my own GDTF files for the fixtures I use often. 



    I will send you the MVR file directly. 🙂

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  15. Hi


    I am having some issue with the Martin Mac Ultra Performance, and the Aura PXL GDTF files. 

    It seems some geometry is in the way of the lens. 


    I tried to move the emitter away from the lens, but it don't seem to solve the problem. 




    Are any of you seeing the same behaviour? 



    Here the Mac Ultra only has a ring of light. 

    When tilting and pacing it changes. 




    The PXL does kind of the same. It has small flickering when moving. 




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