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  1. Well I think we don't speak about my opinions what to do. All the things you said are Basic for me. I think its Easier when I attach a File for you Duplicate Array.vwx Here you see an Seating Array. I want to change these Seats with a Drop Down Menu. From a predefined Filesource. Which is not the Active Document. Thx for your help
  2. Hello i want to make a variable System. For a internal Seating with our Symbols. But to get the Information from a Reference File. Or for own Staging Symbols to get a Count List afterwards. Thx for your Help
  3. Hello Together, I search a way to get a drop down menu for all Symbols which are in the File. Maybe with a Record attached. To not see all other symbols which are not included? Or if its going from a dedicated favorite file. I searched the whole day in the forum but didn't find anything Thanks for your helps. Cheers
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